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Smart v. Stupid

Do conservatives deserve a punch in the nose?

One writer ponders the punch in the nose as a path to civility.... Read more»10

Perry vows not to 'embarrass' social conservatives

At a gathering of uncommitted social and evangelical conservatives at the Hill Country spread of mega-donor James Leininger, Texas Gov. Rick Perry spent several hours patiently answering queries on a range of issues, from his stand on immigration reform to the depth of his commitment to oppose abortion, people who were in attendance told The Texas Tribune. ... Read more»

Think again

NPR: Still bending over backward

NPR needs to take a good hard look at whether its decision-making processes, whether on news content or on personal matters, are driven more by public relations concerns or by journalistic ones.... Read more»1

Rich people’s taxes have little to do with job creation

Conservatives believe that a key driver of overall job growth is the tax rate that rich people pay on their last dollar of income.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

The right-wing reptile brain, now with science!

Two recent studies find significant differences in conservative brains and in how those brains process memories.... Read more»1

Poll: Support for alternative energy, path to citizenship trancends political barriers

A just-released Pew Research Center study shows strong support across the political spectrum for energy alternatives and offering a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.... Read more»

Canadian Conservatives win major election victory

Canada's ruling Conservatives won a major victory in Monday's elections based on preliminary results, enabling them to move forward with their pro-business agenda that includes plans to balance budget and introduce tax cuts.... Read more»

Think again

Two views of Samantha Power: A case study in conservative journalism

It would be a better world if these were the conservatives who actually spoke for the conservative movement in the United States. Instead what we get is mostly dishonest hacks like Stanley Kurtz; character assassins and ideological obsessives whose wild accusations do not even stand up to the scrutiny of the links provided in their own articles. ... Read more»

News analysis: Libya

Sputtering conservatives can’t abide multinational military action

It didn’t take long for American conservatives to start criticizing President Obama’s decision to intervene militarily in Libya once UN-authorized military action began. And it won’t take long for them to start anew after the his prime time television address Monday night.... Read more»

Think again

The 'problem' of liberal academics, again

The periodic “problem” of liberal dominance of academia is back. Indeed, it never left. Former left-wing-Stalinist-turned-right-wing-Stalinist David Horowitz has been bilking gullible wingnut contributors for more than a decade now.... Read more»

Self-made American myth #2: Who makes $250k?

Progressives have suspected for years that Americans vote for the GOP because they have a deeply unrealistic idea about their real chances of becoming wealthy. Working stiffs vote for tax cuts and other goodies for the rich because they seriously believe that they're going to be rich themselves someday.... Read more»

Public opinion snapshot

Conservative agenda: Tax cuts for rich, cuts for Social Security

Conservative opposition to extending the Bush-era tax cuts for those making less than $250,000 but allowing them to expire for those making more shows their lack of seriousness about tackling the deficit and how utterly uninterested they are in the public’s preferences on taxes. ... Read more»

Facts vs. Fiction: Conservative claims about small business taxes are bogus

The Bechtel Corporation. PriceWaterhouseCooper. The Tribune Company. These are not the sort of companies that immediately jump to mind when one hears the phrase “small business.” But if conservatives in Congress have their way, the owners of these behemoths of U.S. business are going to receive a tax cut next year—under the guise of tax relief for small businesses.... Read more»


The consequences of conservative economic policy

The Great Recession dealt a crushing blow to the well-being of the American people, but our economy had actually been in a tough spot for many years. Before President Bush left an economic collapse on President Obama’s doorstep, he presided over two terms of supply-side policies that yielded the weakest expansion in recent U.S. economic history.... Read more»

Lessons of the U.K. election (so far)

Update: Gordon Brown is no longer British Prime Minister. The Queen will now summon David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party, to form a government. Cameron is expected to form a coalition government with the Liberal Democrat party.... Read more»

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