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What is white nationalism?

At the very core of white nationalism and white supremacy lies ethnocentrism that advocates for a white nation through the exclusion of people of color. That objective is carried along on revolutionary, anti-government themes.... Read more»


Stolen Picacho plaque honoring Confederate cavalry was missing historical facts

Stolen Confederate plaque at Picacho Peak misrepresented about actual history as part of a long-standing project to vindicate the Southern cause and perpetuate a certain narrative about who we are as a country and a state.... Read more»

The ‘historical silence’ of the Black workers who made Phoenix prosperous

Phoenix is far from being the only place in the country where Black history is being erased. And across the country, there’s a growing movement — spearheaded, in large part, by African Americans — to save and honor what is left.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Confederate veterans are part of Arizona's history

Robert J. Johnson, commander of the Arizona Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, wrote this guest opinion in response to the commentary about Confederate flags in the Tucson Rodeo Parade submitted last week by Councilwoman Lane Santa Cruz.... Read more»1

Tucson Rodeo Parade to ban Confederate 'battle flag'; won't change color guard

The most familiar emblem of the Confederate army won't be allowed in the annual Tucson Rodeo Parade anymore, after a public outcry sparked by an op-ed by Councilwoman Lane Santa Cruz. But organizers said they won't eliminate another rebel banner from the color guard.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Santa Cruz: Confederate flags are why I refuse to walk in the Tucson Rodeo Parade

"The Confederate flag is a symbol of slavery, oppression, and white supremacy. Yet, year after year, the Tucson Rodeo Parade Committee embraces the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and displays it with the color guard leading the parade." — Tucson Councilwoman Lane Santa Cruz... Read more»10

Honoring the other veterans: Az group chafes at limits on Confederate flags

On Memorial Day, some Americans will head to local cemeteries to decorate the graves of fallen soldiers – in some cases, the graves of those who fought for the other side. One of the most cherished activities of the Sons of Confederate Veterans is the decoration of Confederate graves with that flag.... Read more»1

Tx officials battle Confederate flag license plate

A group of Texas officials have said they oppose Texas offering drivers specialty license plates that have the Confederate flag on them, the Houston Chronicle reports.... Read more»