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Guest opinion

Extremists have co-opted patriotic symbols and words. It’s time to reclaim them.

Extremists have turned patriotic symbols and phrases into dog whistles for white nationalism, and if we want to turn this dark period in our nation's history around, we need to reclaim our patriotic symbols and norms and not relinquish them to authoritarians and conspiracy theorists.... Read more»

Arizona admin dep't looking into removal of Confederate monument

The Arizona Department of Administration is looking into what kind of process may be needed to remove a monument to Confederate soldiers at the state Capitol, but state law leaves the decision up to the agency’s director, and, by inference, his boss, Gov. Doug Ducey.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

How Arpaio, Ethnic Studies & Confederacy illuminate the Right's racial issue

Confederate monuments, Mexican American studies and Joe Apraio's pardon together illuminate why it's not just in our heads that the Right gets into trouble on race. The double standards are hard to miss.... Read more»

Texas DMV rejects Confederate license plate

The Texas DMV on Thursday unanimously rejected a controversial license plate commemorating the Sons of Confederate Veterans of Texas, but its decision is unlikely to be the end of the heated debate over the symbol many associate with slavery. The veterans group said they plan to sue to have the specialty plate issued.... Read more»

Tx officials battle Confederate flag license plate

A group of Texas officials have said they oppose Texas offering drivers specialty license plates that have the Confederate flag on them, the Houston Chronicle reports.... Read more»