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Heads-up on concussions: Arizona Cardinals’ receiver Christian Kirk praises Barrow’s Brainbook

Arizona Cardinals’ wide receiver Christian Kirk talked about the Barrow Brainbook, an educational module introduced 10 years ago to teach students how to prevent concussions, in large part because of a better understanding of the byproduct of concussions and head trauma.... Read more»

Doctors, law enforcement to research concussions in domestic violence victims

Maricopa County prosecutors, Mesa police and health care leaders are teaming up to research the prevalence of concussions in domestic violence victims.... Read more»

Mesa eye-tracking software company helps empower people with disabilities

Mesa-based EyeTech Digital Systems Inc. has created hardware and software for eye-tracking systems since 1996. The company is now emphasizing how it can be useful for people with disabilities.... Read more»

Balance-testing app helps trainers assess possible concussions

Sway Balance, a Barrow Neurological Institute app used by dozens of high schools, is free and more accurate than usual ways of measuring players' balance. It uses technology in smartphone and tablet operating systems that measures acceleration. ... Read more»

Concussion-prevention effort targeting younger athletes

Organizers of an effort to reduce concussions in high school sports are appealing to a younger audience with a smartphone game geared toward athletes ages 8-12. "Barrow Brain Ball" expands upon Barrow Brainbook, the interactive online education that the Arizona Interscholastic Association requires for every high school athlete in Arizona.... Read more»

Law requires online concussion class for prep athletes

When her son, Phillip, complained about headaches that wouldn’t go away after several days, Deannea Tanner at first chalked it up to allergies. Then Phillip, a center for Pusch Ridge Christian Academy’s football team, asked if it could be a concussion.... Read more»

Concussions often overlooked in girls’ sports

Concussions are most often associated with men's and boys' sports such as football, but girls' sports carry risks as well. According to several Arizona doctors, concussions among girls are often overlooked as a result. ... Read more»1

Study: Soldiers suffer concussions during training

A new military study has found that almost 6 percent of soldiers who took hand-to-hand combat courses at a Texas Army base were struck in the head and suffered symptoms the Pentagon says are consistent with concussions.... Read more»

Ex-ASU Q-back: Concussions a big problem for athletes

Former Arizona State University quarterback Steven Threet told a Senate committee Wednesday that football players are “still uninformed” about concussions, overestimating the protection a helmet provides.... Read more»

Few troops injured in bombings checked for concussions

More than half of U.S. combat troops in Afghanistan have been exposed to bomb blasts in the last year, but only about one in five of them said they were examined for concussions.... Read more»