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Hundreds of thousands of Internet users may lose their online access on July 9, and the Better Business Bureau is urging all consumers and businesses to run a quick and easy diagnostic test to see if their computers are infected. Read more»

Researchers announced on Tuesday they broke the Internet speed record when they transferred data at 186 gigabits per second between two cities. That’s the equivalent of moving 2 million Gbps or transferring 100,000 Blu-ray discs in one day. Read more» 1

Cook and Jobs in 2007.

So how is the Steve Jobs bombshell playing inside Apple? New CEO Tim Cook didn't waste any time assuring his employees after yesterday's announcement that Steve Jobs is stepping down as chief executive. Read more»

Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs shows off the new Macbook Air ultra portable laptop during his keynote speech at Macworld in 2008.

Iconic Apple CEO Steve Jobs stepped down from the firm he founded Wednesday. The move marks the second time Jobs has left the company, and will be the third time he's left Apple's management. Read more»

In the second hack of the Arizona Department of Public Safety in less than a week, hackers released personal emails and files from DPS officials Wednesday. Saying "did you think we were done with you?," the hacking group Anonymous released emails, passwords, Social Security numbers, photos, chat transcripts and other documents. Read more»

Counterfeit Chinese microchips being put into Navy weapons systems could have been hacked, making it possible to shut off a missile in the event of war or lie around just waiting to malfunction. Read more»

FBI Director Robert Mueller speaks in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee in July. Mueller is getting support for an extension of his tenure with the agency, but he's failed to update the bureau's computerized case-management system.

For all his accomplishments, FBI Director Robert Mueller has failed at the same IT management task that bedeviled his predecessor and has cost taxpayers hundreds of million of dollars—the development of a computerized case tracking system within the bureau. Read more»

According to Facebook, 20 million applications are installed each day.

A flaw in Facebook involving nearly 100,000 applications allowed advertisers access to wall posts and other personal information. Read more»

The iPad is here! The iPad is here! The iPad is here! The iPad is here! The iPad is here! The iPad is here! The iPad is here! The iPad is here! The iPad is here! [yawn] Read more»

A Taiwanese manufacturer that makes LCD screens and components for tech giants like Apple confirmed Thursday that more of its workers in China were sickened by chemical exposure than it previously reported. Read more»

Federal prosecutors have issued subpoenas in the case of a Pennsylvania school district accused of spying on students through their computers. District officials deny spying on students. Read more» 1

District officials in Pennsylvania allegedly spied on students via their laptops.

Laptop computers provided to students in a school district in Pennsylvania were allegedly used to spy on students. Read more»