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States look to community colleges to fill labor gap

Amid a labor shortage that has baffled businesses and slowed the nation’s economic rehabilitation, policymakers, community college administrators and private businesses are fueling new initiatives designed to quickly get students into the workforce.... Read more»

Arizonans spent more than $2 billion on cannabis in 2021

Arizona adults spent slightly more than $2 billion on marijuana, with the recreational market bringing in nearly $594 million - despite sales beginning on Jan. 22, 2021 - and the well-established medical market that has been in existence for a decade recorded $758 million in sales in 2021.... Read more»

Long disparaged, education for the skilled trades is slowly coming into fashion

Education for the skilled trades appears to be returning to fashion, as Americans see firsthand the labor shortages and rising pay in fields such as construction, transportation and logistics - along with the lower debt and the shorter timetables needed to train for them.... Read more»

Arizona senator wants to cancel vote on in-state Dreamer tuition because GOP senators were in minority

Republican Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita says voters shouldn’t get to weigh in on a ballot measure next year that would repeal a state law prohibiting undocumented students from accessing in-state tuition because not enough Republicans supported the proposal.... Read more»

Ducey signs law permitting four-year degrees at Arizona community colleges

Gov. Doug Ducey on Tuesday signed Senate Bill 1453, which allows community colleges outside of Maricopa and Pima counties to provide unlimited baccalaureate degrees and limited four-year degrees at community colleges in Arizona's two most populous counties.... Read more»

Az's colleges would pay big price for guns on campuses

If Arizona's Legislature approves a bill allowing concealed weapons on campuses, university and community college presidents who want to keep guns out of their classrooms will have to pay a hefty price. And that price tag could reach up to $10 million for Arizona's three public universities.... Read more»5

Greater support sought for vets on Az campuses

A Republican lawmaker wants to build on a new state law that allows community colleges and universities to be certified as “veteran supportive campuses.”... Read more»

Lawmaker wants to stop universitites, colleges from mandating vaccinations

Barring state universities and community colleges from requiring students to have immunizations would remove a roadblock to higher education for some Arizonans, a state lawmaker said.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Community colleges haven’t earned four-year status

A few bills pending in the Legislature would allow Arizona community colleges to offer four-year degrees. The goal is to bring down the cost of a degree and produce more college graduates. Unfortunately the evidence suggests this is highly unlikely.... Read more»