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Arizona high school graduation will be tied to learning about 'evils' of communism

High school students in Arizona will soon have to learn how communism and totalitarianism conflict with the American “principles of freedom and democracy” before they can graduate. ... Read more»

A new Arizona bill would tie high school graduation to studying 'the evils of communism'

Arizona high school students wouldn’t be able to graduate unless they are taught how communism and totalitarianism conflict with the American “principles of freedom and democracy” under a proposal backed by Republicans Tuesday. ... Read more»

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A Thanksgiving tale of freedom

During Thanksgiving, many of us reach way back in our memory banks to recall grade school lessons about the Pilgrims. Many of us were taught that they prospered once they learned American horticulture, but there's more to the story. The Pilgrims continued to suffer from famine. It turns out it was of their own making. The Pilgrims practiced communism.... Read more»

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Grijalva: Republicans stir pot with 'communist' charges

For decades, this kind of thing was hidden in John Birch Society pamphlets and private meetings in back rooms. People were too sensible, or ashamed, to push it in public. But once extreme right-wing conservatives found they could start name-calling, smearing and lying without consequence, they got hooked. Now they couldn’t kick the habit even if they wanted to.... Read more»1

Pope celebrates Mass, meets Castro in Cuba

Pope Benedict XVI celebrated Mass and met with Fidel Castro on Wednesday in Havana, Cuba.... Read more»

Germany marks Berlin Wall's 50th anniversary

Germany is marking the 50th anniversary of the building of the Berlin Wall, which divided the city for more than 28 years.... Read more»

The return of Fidel

Fidel Castro’s return has been almost as complete as his absence. When he fell ill and nearly died four years ago, Castro disappeared from public view entirely. Now he’s back, and once more an everyday fixture in Cuban homes, as tv cameras track his campaign to warn of a coming nuclear war.... Read more»


A sports rivalry bigger than Red Sox vs. Yankees?

Red Sox and Yankees fans have nothing on the supporters of CSKA and Levski, Bulgaria's most popular soccer teams. For while Bostonians and New Yorkers lay claim to the longest-running rivalry in American pro sports, CSKA and Levski fans enjoy what they call "the everlasting derby," a bitter struggle that mixes politics and history.... Read more»

Comic: Kimjongilia

The Talented Mr. Kim

Kim Jong-il is widely known to have shot 38 under par in his first ever game of golf, but he's more than just a pretty face.... Read more»

Comic: National People's Congress

Risky business in Tiananmen Square

At China's National People's Congress, security – of the top officials – is taken very seriously. But worrying about land mines in Tiananmen Square, we think, goes too far.... Read more»

Comic: Usurpation

Buddhist TV

Gyaltsen Norbu, selected Panchen Lama by China in 1990, but widely considered "the fake Panchen Lama", makes an appearance on Buddhist TV.... Read more»

How the Berlin Wall still divides one family

One cold day in November 1973, Sabine Masing climbed into the trunk of a car with her father and sister along a lonely stretch of autobahn in communist East Germany. Her mother had arranged the escape attempt while on a week-long travel permit to West Berlin, where she was now waiting anxiously. ... Read more»