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Along the U.S.-Mexico border, journalism Is an act of resistance

Celeste Gonzalez de Bustamante and Jeannine Relly, journalism professors based at the University of Arizona, spent the last decade collecting dozens of oral histories from journalists working along the U.S.-Mexico border, and in Mexican states hit hard by drug violence. ... Read more»

ASU prof says Trump media attacks are endangering democracy

In a scathing report recounting his complaints about individual media outlets and journalists, calls for changes to libel laws and prosecution of leakers, a journalism advocacy group said President Trump’s treatment of the press has eroded public trust in the media. ... Read more»

Third journalist killed in Mexico in less than a week

The Committee to Protect Journalists called on Mexico’s government to address its press freedom crisis after a third journalist was killed in a week in Mexico.... Read more»

Coalition calls for release of Mexican journalist seeking asylum in U.S.

As attacks against reporters in Mexico increase, a coalition of immigration lawyers and organizations that defend journalists is calling for the release of a Mexican reporter detained at the border after asking for political asylum in the United States.... Read more»

Journalists missing, killed in Latin America

It's been another week of chilling reminders of the high risks for journalists in parts of Latin America, with two killings turning the news lens on reporters. Now, a possible kidnapping in Colombia has put the danger further into focus.... Read more»

UA journalism alum missing in Syria

Dorothy Parvaz, a reporter for Al Jazeera, has been missing since arriving in Damascus, Syria, on Friday. There is "strong evidence" to suggest Parvaz had been detained, and her family and employer are demanding information from the Syrian government.... Read more»

U.S. press fails at covering Mexican peers

Though successful in covering the gruesome aspects of the cartel-related carnage in Mexico, the U.S. press falls short in exposing the muzzling of its Mexican counterparts at the hands of organized crime, says one expert.... Read more»