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Auctioning of Central American prehistoric art draws rebuke

Central American governments denounced a Wednesday auction in Paris of indigenous prehistoric art. Some are getting the message but not Sotheby's or Christie's.... Read more»

2-year-old boy found alive next to his migrant mother’s dead body near Yuma

A Colombian man living in Florida is trying to reunite with his toddler son after his wife and daughter died in the desert west of Yuma, an ordeal that the two-year-old boy survived as the family crossed into the United States from Mexico.... Read more»

'Prisons are bacteria factories'; Elderly most at risk

Corrections expert: “I don’t think people understand the gravity of what’s going to happen if this runs in a prison, and I believe it’s inevitable. You’re going to see devastation that’s unbelievable."... Read more»

Immigrant song: With Venezuela in turmoil, migrants and refugees turn to Peru

The crisis in Venezuela has crated the largest refugee migration in the history of the western hemisphere and they aren't coming to America.... Read more»

Uber just found another way to anger Mexico City's taxi drivers

Another battle in the war between Uber and the city's taxi drivers.... Read more»

Mexico City could be the next to ban Uber

The taxi app just can’t catch a break down in Latin America.... Read more»3

Colombia: Beware the zombie drug

The drug scopolamine is also known as “the devil’s breath” or “burundanga.” The late salsa diva Celia Cruz sang about it. In a recent documentary, Vice called it “the world’s scariest drug.”... Read more»


War on drugs: What is it good for?

It's not just Colorado and Washington: The world is abandoning the U.S.-backed drug war in favor of a more liberal approach to cannabis. Four decades after President Nixon declared war on drugs, nearly everyone agrees it's time for a truce.... Read more»2

Soccer notes

FC Tucson looks back on 'overachieving' season

FC Tucson GM Pearlman reflects on the local team's season, while at the Olympics, North Korea walks off after flag flap.... Read more»

Space shuttle Discovery makes final flight

After nearly three decades of space travel, NASA's oldest shuttle, Discovery, flew into retirement on Tuesday, joining other museum relics at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.... Read more»

Drug submarine nabbed off Colombia

Another drug submarine was seized off the coast of Colombia, and officials said it was one of the largest police had found in recent years.... Read more»

Cambridge tops world university rankings

The University of Cambridge claimed the top spot in the QS World University Rankings for 2011/2012, beating out Harvard for the second year in a row.... Read more»4

Shuttle Atlantis lands for final time

The U.S. space shuttle Atlantis has landed for the last time, marking the end of NASA's 30-year space shuttle program. (with video)... Read more»

Twitter in India: Are you following the god of cricket?

A cricket star took India by storm last week when he joined Twitter and began racking up followers at the rate of almost 4,500 an hour. Within the first 24 hours, Sachin Tendulkar’s following reached almost 80,000, sparking a media frenzy and countless tweets.... Read more»

Cashing in on the Colombian accent

Dubbing movies is big business in Bogota. So are call centers. All because it's easy to understand Colombian Spanish.... Read more»1