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Model estimates COVID-19 infected nearly a third of Americans in 2020

America reported the highest rate of COVID-19 infections globally last year, but even 20 million was an undercount, according to research published on Thursday estimating 31% of the country contracted the infectious disease in 2020. ... Read more»

‘Borrowing from the future’: What an emerging megadrought means for the Southwest

A new report in the journal Science found the period from 2000 through 2018 to be the driest 19-year span since the late 1500s, and the second driest since 800. In simpler terms, it’s an emerging megadrought, which is a drought that typically lasts decades.... Read more»

Climate change fueling more intense megadroughts in U.S. West

Climate change is pushing the western United States and northern Mexico toward an extreme long-term drought that could be worse than any in recorded history, scientists revealed in a new study published in the journal Science Thursday. ... Read more»1

What to know about asymptomatic carriers of coronavirus

Research shows that not only can people be infected and experience no symptoms or very mild symptoms for the first few days, but this coincides with when the so-called viral load — the amount of virus being emitted from an infected person’s cells — may be the highest. ... Read more»

Frank Lloyd Wright

Wright's Taliesin West archives to be moved to NYC

The archived sketches, models and manuscripts of the late Frank Lloyd Wright are moving from Taliesin West in Scottsdale, to Columbia University and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. What does this loss mean to Arizona and will it affect the guest experience at Taliesin West? ... Read more»1


Dictator's diary: Muammar al-Gaddafi

History will remember Libyan dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi for two things: his role in the Lockerbie bombing, and his fashion sense.... Read more»