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Arizona's redistricting conundrum: Just what is a community of interest?

Broadly speaking, a community of interest is any grouping of people with common needs, concerns or interests - or it could be border communities that are similarly affected by federal policy on immigration and trade - or it could be "what people tell you it is".... Read more»

Bipartisan commissions cause redistricting pain for Democrats

State redistricting commissions, largely pushed by Democrats as a brake on political gerrymandering, now are preventing the party from capitalizing on the past decade’s population boom among city dwellers and minorities, who traditionally vote Democratic. ... Read more»

Redistricting will always be contentious. Ask Arizona.

Redistricting maps — redrawn once every decade — help determine which party will hold political power. That means intense battles even in states, such as Arizona, that have taken steps to reduce politicians’ control over the results. ... Read more»

Arizona redistricting commission divided on inviting legislative leaders

The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission is split on whether to invite Democratic and Republican leaders from the legislature to address the commission, with a majority of members leaning against it and questioning whether legislators should get a separate opportunity to opine than the rest of the public gets.... Read more»1

Legal counsel fight was pivotal moment for last Arizona redistricting commission

The 2011 Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission decided to follow the original 2001 commission’s lead and hire two attorneys, a Democrat and a Republican. ... Read more»

Arizona Redistricting Commission begins potentially rocky process of selecting attorneys

At least on a preliminary basis, the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission will use the state procurement process to review prospective legal counsel, which would require it to do most of its work behind closed doors. However, the commissioners may also change course down the road and choose a different process that would give the public a full view of their decision-making process.... Read more»

Redistricting commission picks Neuberg as independent chair

Erika Schupak Neuberg, a psychologist and life coach with a practice in Scottsdale, and a national board member of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, will serve as independent chair of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission. Neuberg will be a critical tie-breaking vote if the four partisan members deadlock.... Read more»

Arizona redistricting commission interviews chair candidates in first meeting

The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission decided Thursday to schedule another meeting next week to hopefully decide who to select for the position of independent chair; otherwise, the choice will be made by the Commission on Appellate Court Appointments, which selected the finalists.... Read more»

Arizona redistricting commission will meet to choose independent chair

The four partisan members of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission will hold their first meeting on Thursday, and their first order of business will likely be the most important decision they’ll ever make: choosing a chair who will decide the shape of state politics for the next decade.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Arizona Republic gone rogue?

It is time for a leadership change at the Republic; Publisher John Zidich of Fiesta Bowl board fame and his executive editor Randy Lovely need to go. We don't need a daily rag of negativism and half-assed reporting; I can get that from any blog out there. The Republic has gone rogue and it needs correcting.... Read more»

Redistricting commission meets in Marana, Green Valley

The Independent Redistricting Commission is scheduled to hold meetings to review draft maps this weekend in Southern Arizona.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Redistricting: Ouster of Mathis not what it appears

Many of us weren't following the run-up to the firing of IRC chair Colleen Mathis. The current legislative leadership can't stand that something, somewhere goes on without their control. Charges and counter-charges aside, that's what this really comes down to. ... Read more»