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Gosar shouted down at right-wing groups’ event on social media access

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar called police on protesters during a forum complaining about conservative speech being "shut down" on social media.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Code Pink is all about the green

The Code Pink protesters who had the gall to actually threaten one of the most esteemed and respected dignitaries in our nation’s history are a great example why modern protest movements almost universally fail, and why we need a renewed focus on civics education across the country.... Read more»

Tucson native trades career for full-time Code Pink anti-war activism

Tighe Barry believes in nothing less than saving the planet. And if he has to wear pink to do it, so be it. ... Read more»

Names of 6,800 fallen troops read in 13-hour ceremony

The names of the dead were read Friday in Tucson. For more than 13 hours, volunteers at Pima Community College read the names of U.S. service members who were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.... Read more»1