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The Coronado Generating Station was one of three coal-fired power plants in eastern Arizona that had restrictions imposed by the EPA.

The Environmental Protection Agency proposed new wastewater treatment standards for coal-fired power plants to reduce discharges of toxic metals and other pollutants by approximately 584 million pounds per year into nearby waterways. Read more»

The Coronado Generating Station was one of three coal-fired power plants in eastern Arizona that had emissions restrictions imposed by the EPA. A federal court upheld the EPA action.

The Environmental Protection Agency has notified Salt River Project that it plans to deny the utility’s request to continue dumping coal ash into an unlined pond at its Coronado Generating Station coal-fired plant in eastern Arizona. Read more»

The publicly-owned Salt River Project’s Coronado Generating Station -  set to shut down in the next decade - was one of six coal plants’ whose requests to keep dumping toxic ash into unlined or inadequately lined pits were denied. The Apache Generating Station was granted an extension.

The EPA denied the requests of six coal plants - including the Salt River Project’s Coronado Generating Station - to keep dumping toxic ash into unlined or inadequately lined pits, signaling the agency’s commitment to enforce the 2015 federal coal ash rules. Read more»

Many West Virginia business and political leaders, including Manchin, hope that natural gas will create jobs and revenue, offsetting the decline of the coal industry.

Democratic leadership agreed to legislation streamlining permits for the often-stalled Mountain Valley Pipeline and removing jurisdiction from a court that keeps ruling against the project - in exchange for Sen. Joe Manchin's vote on the climate change bill. Read more»

COP President Alok Sharma at Cop 26.

The United Kingdom government is taking sharp criticism for a “non-sensical” early outline of the final declaration from the COP 26 climate summit, released Sunday morning, that makes no mention of the words “energy”, “fossil”, “fuel”, or “renewable”. Read more»

The coal-fired Navajo Generating Station near Page, Arizona. The plant was decommissioned in 2019, and the smokestacks demolished on December 18, 2020.

People around the world know that West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin is the essential 50th vote in the U.S. Senate that President Joe Biden needs to pass his climate agenda into law - which doesn’t bode well, given Manchin’s longstanding opposition to ambitious climate action. Read more»

The 2280 megawatt Navajo Generating Station, near Page, Ariz., went on-line in 1975 and remained in service until decommissioning in 2019. The towers were demolished in December, 2020.

In a reversal of a Trump-era policy, the Environmental Protection Agency plans to enforce tougher regulations for the disposal of wastewater from coal-fired power plants, but it could take years before the new rule goes into effect. Read more»

The Navajo Generating Station, once the largest coal-burning plant in the West, closed in 2019 when coal was no longer economically feasible fuel. It was the only client of the nearby Kayenta mine, which also closed.

Navajo and Hopi witnesses agreed the region needs to move away from its economic dependence on coal, but specific proposals on how to get there remained elusive as the recent closure of mines there has left hundreds unemployed in an area with chronically high jobless rates. Read more»

Navajo Generating Station, a coal-fired power plant near Page, Ariz., in January 2013.

A U.S. House Natural Resources subcommittee examined the cleanup needs for regions transitioning away from coal production, with witnesses saying energy companies should be responsible for returning the land to its pre-mining state while Republicans criticized opposition to fossil fuels as “job killing.” Read more»

The coronavirus pandemic’s sweeping disruptions to travel, business and the oil industry could lead to energy-related carbon emissions dropping by 11% this year, the federal government said in an analysis released Wednesday. Read more»

A bulldozer crawls over a pile of coal at the Kayenta mine on the Navajo Nation in this 2012 photo. The mine closed this year along with the Navajo Generating Station it supplied, and a plan by the Navajo Transitional Energy Co. to buy three more mines, in the Powder River basin, has run into opposition.

The Navajo Nation said Tuesday it is canceling indemnity agreements for the Navajo Transitional Energy Co., fearing the tribe’s finances could be “placed in a state of uncertainty” by the company’s recent purchase of three coal mines. Read more»

The Navajo Generating Station near Page, which burns locally mined coal, will likely shut down next week after decades of operation. The closure means the loss of hundreds of jobs the mine and power plant.

The Navajo Generating Station will shut down for good in a matter of days, the plant’s owners announced last week, once the plant burns through its remaining supply of coal. Read more»

There is no Plan B to save Earth's populations from the build-up of greenhouse gasses.

A brief summary of the challenge and solutions involvedclimate change, decarbonization, geohacking, termination shock and 12-year warnings with a twist of Stonehenge. Read more»

As world leaders converge on New York City for the UN Climate Action Summit on September 23, they enter what may be the most consequential week in climate politics since Donald Trump's election. Read more»

A bulldozer crawls over a pile of coal at Peabody’s Kayenta mine on the Navajo Nation in this 2012 photo. The mine is closing this month, ahead of the December closure of its only customer, the Navajo Generating Station.

The last 265 workers at Kayenta Coal Mine are being laid off this month, another step toward the looming closure of the Navajo Generating Station that will bring the loss of hundreds more jobs this winter. Read more»

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