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Conservative attorney planning lawsuit over Ducey’s stay-at-home order

A prominent Republican attorney plans to take Gov. Doug Ducey to court in an attempt to overturn the stay-at-home order he imposed to combat the COVID-19 outbreak, presuming that order is still in effect by the end of the week.... Read more»

Pima County courts closed to 'in-person' hearings

Pima County's courts will be closed to almost all in-person hearings until April 17, according to an order published Thursday by the presiding judge. ... Read more»

New Year's holiday closures

While you're massaging your temples and searching for the aspirin on Saturday morning, don't be rushing out to do any business. Most government services, banks and post offices will be closed for New Year's Day.... Read more»

Christmas, state furlough to close many offices

Nearly 30,000 state employees will have an extra day off this week. But the extended Christmas break comes at a price; Thursday is a state furlough day, so state workers won't be paid. State offices will also be closed Friday and Saturday, as will city, county and federal offices.... Read more»