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Exxon must go to trial over alleged climate crimes, court rules

The Massachusetts high court on Tuesday ruled that the US’s largest oil company, ExxonMobil, must face a trial over accusations that it lied about the climate crisis and covered up the fossil fuel industry’s role in worsening environmental devastation.... Read more»

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Western courts grapple with climate change

The West is a hotspot for lawsuits arguing that climate change-inducing policies are at odds with state constitutions, and young plaintiffs filing climate cases say states are infringing on their rights by boosting fossil fuel development and causing climate changes. ... Read more»

Hydropower’s future clouded by drought, floods & climate change – it’s also essential to U.S. electric grid

The water in Lake Powell has fallen so low amid the Western drought that federal officials are resorting to emergency measures to avoid shutting down hydroelectric power at the Glen Canyon Dam - and it isn’t the only U.S. hydropower plant in trouble.... Read more»

Yes, the drought really is that bad

The Southwest has been hit hard with dry conditions as shrinking snowpacks, parched topsoil and depleted reservoirs are symptoms of the West’s worst set of dry years since 800 A.D. - and there is a significant likelihood the megadrought continues.... Read more»

How to plan for a future of education where disruption is the norm

Whether it’s a pandemic or climate change, the future of education looks like disruption - and by accepting that the COVID-19 virus is going to be a constant, school districts can innovate and prepare for a multitude of unknowns, including disaster.... Read more»


6 months after climate summit: Where to find progress in a dangerous & divided world

Six months ago, negotiators at the United Nations’ Glasgow climate summit celebrated new commitments to lower global greenhouse gas emissions - today, the world looks ever more complex but there are areas to watch for progress and cooperation.... Read more»

Americans cite inflation as top problem facing the country

A Pew Research Center survey released Thursday indicates that inflation is the most concerning issue facing the U.S. public, as a declining share of Americans say the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment and racism are big problems. ... Read more»


Claytoonz: Vanishing Lake Mead is concrete evidence of climate change

A grandmother dying from heatstroke in August because she can’t afford air conditioning may not be as glamorous as goons shooting Bugsy Siegel in Beverly Hills, but it’s the death we should be talking about. We still don’t know who killed Bugsy or why, but we know what's killing grandma. Climate change.... Read more»

Southwest’s drought & fires are a window to our climate-change future

The ongoing drought appears to be the worst in 1,200 years, with hotter temperatures, smaller snowpack and an earlier start to the fire season - a glimpse at what climate change will bring to the Southwest and elsewhere.... Read more»

The green boom: Sustainability becomes priority for Arizona sports teams, organizations

Arizona's teams, facilities and events have been at the forefront of implementing sustainable practices - from Footprint Center to Arizona State, from Arizona Athletics to the WM Phoenix Open, the state sports industry is seeking a smaller carbon footprint.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Sahuarita to experience the business side of water

We should hate Sahuarita's deal with Global Water. And part of me does. But it's water in a desert at a time of climate change and a friend of the devil may just be a friend of ours.... Read more»

The Tucson agenda

Tucson looks to invest flush city budget surplus in public safety, streets & transit

Tucson's $158 million "fund balance" creates opportunities for the City Council to spend on transportation and public safety priorities. Plus, more in our quick look at what's planned for local government meetings this week. ... Read more»

Climate change is pushing toxic chemicals into drinking wells

With climate change confronting communities, people who rely on wells are at particular risk as drought can increase the concentration of contaminants in well water, and wildfires damage equipment and piping, leaching toxic chemicals into drinking water.... Read more»

Tucson vying for 5th win in national water-saving contest

Tucson is vying for a fifth win in the national "Mayors' Challenge for Water Conservation" put on annually by the Wyland Foundation, an ocean and marine life conservation nonprofit. ... Read more»

U.S. Interior secretary to promote big spending jump for tribal, climate programs

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland will ask a U.S. House spending panel to increase funding for the department's tribal programs and climate resilience efforts, according to written testimony released ahead of a hearing scheduled for Thursday.... Read more»


Achoo! 5 essential reads for pollen season

As spring expands across North America, trees, shrubs and flowers are releasing pollen, and as pollen travels, it also triggers allergies in some 25 million Americans - this roundup of articles describes recent findings on coping with pollen season.... Read more»

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