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GOP schools chief candidate Michelle Udall hasn’t filed latest campaign finance report

Campaign finance reports are one of the cornerstones for transparency in politics, but Arizona state Rep. Michelle Udall - seeking the Republican nomination for state schools superintendent - has followed her pattern of filing reports late and accruing late fees.... Read more»

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Guest opinion

Clean Elections: Federal law ensures overseas military personnel, others can cast ballots

Everyone cherishes the memory of the first time they ever voted, but mine was especially memorable because I was stationed in Ramstein, Germany, with the U.S. Air Force. I cast my first vote thanks to the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act.... Read more»

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Chan: Political campaigns underway in Az; Ways to vet donation requests & follow your money

If you've got email, chances are you've been asked to "chip in" to support candidates from school board to senator. And while consumers have some protections from fraud, a decade of legislative and judicial decisions have turned the campaign cash grab into the wild West. ... Read more»

Arizona candidates won’t be able to collect online signatures in their new districts at all in 2022

Legislative and congressional candidates won’t be able to use Arizona’s online system to collect the signatures they need to get their names on the ballot if they file to run using their new district numbers at all this year. ... Read more»

Arizona Corporation Commission defends ethics policy as lawmakers gripe

The Arizona Corporation Commission is defending its efforts to show independence from utilities, despite lawmakers' complaints. ... Read more»

Arizona lawmaker takes aim at Corp Comm policy on campaign contributions by utilities

Legislative attorneys believe a Corporation Commission policy intended to restrict campaign contributions by utilities violates the Arizona Constitution, and the lawmaker who requested that opinion is hoping it will persuade the commission to change course for next year’s election.... Read more»

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Clean Elections chair: What the Supreme Court's ruling means for Arizona voters

The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld Arizona’s prohibition on ballot collection and out of precinct voting. Voters will not experience a change in their voting process as a result of this opinion, as it upholds the status quo. — Az Clean Elections Chair Amy B. Chan... Read more»

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Clean Elections commissioners: Arizona Leg would put 'unconscionable' limits on voting

John McCain would be ashamed of some things going on at the Arizona Legislature – actions being taken in the name of addressing alleged election fraud. — Clean Elections Commissioners Mark Kimble and Damien Meyer... Read more»

After weeks of fighting, ballot counting may be near finish in Arizona

All 15 Arizona counties had submitted official election results by Monday to the secretary of state, who will certify them in the next week or sooner – ending a contentious weeks-long battle over a normally routine process.... Read more»

Arizona's history of rejected ballots creates further election uncertainty

Less than a month away from the November election, Arizona's voter registration deadline has changed twice in two weeks, putting into question whether the latest update reached voters in time, and leaving the possibility that large numbers of ballots could be rejected. ... Read more»

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Paton: Take individual action to ensure a successful election

As the general election unfolds during a pandemic and under intense scrutiny, now is the time for all voters to decide how they plan to vote and to understand the process. — Galen Paton, Arizona Clean Elections chairman... Read more»

O’Connor wins enough write-in votes for GOP Corp Comm nomination

The Republican Party will have three candidates for the Corporation Commission after Jim O'Connor earned enough write-in votes to qualify for the November ballot.... Read more»

Corp Commission write-in race won’t be settled until days after election

One of the biggest questions of the primary election, whether the Republican Party will cede a Corporation Commission seat to the Democrats without putting up a fight, may not be answered by the end of Tuesday night.... Read more»

Monday musings: Analysis

Herstam: The end of lengthy vote-counting in Arizona?

Despite slow vote counts in Maricopa County in previous elections, there’s good news for 2020 – we’ll probably know the results on election night, just like the good old days! Plus: Sanders vs. Trump – the battle of two angry men, and Brnovich’s brazen power play.... Read more»

Az legislator: 'Can we virtually shoot the head of Clean Elections?'

A pair of Republican legislators traded cracks about shooting the head of Arizona's Clean Elections Commission, drawing a quick response — "shameful and disgusting" — and demand for an apology from Mark Kimble, chair of the agency.... Read more»

Despite record turnout, millions of eligible Arizonans don't vote

More than 64 percent of Arizona’s registered voters cast ballots in the midterm election, but millions of eligible adults did not register or vote.... Read more»

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