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'Ward-only' initiative falls short, won't go to Tucson voters

A citizen initiative to change Tucson's City Council election system fell far short of enough signatures to get on the November ballot, organizers said.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Mayor needs more power in new City Charter

Responsibility multiplied by authority creates accountability. Tucson's mayor now has just perceived accountability and the City Charter should make it real.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Charter proposal to pay bonds with sales tax could lead to trouble

The Charter Review Committee chose a compromise to send to the Council: Allowing sales taxes for bonds but no additional sales tax capacity. Bond money needs an unobstructed path to investors — tying that money to the general fund could spell trouble either for city services or Tucson's credit. ... Read more»

Guest opinion

Prop. 401 helps brings results to city government

Guest opinion: Albert Einstein defined insanity as "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." It's time to break that cycle in city government in Tucson and bring some sanity to the process by voting yes on Prop 401.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Prop. 401: Good government for whom?

Guest opinion: In politics, the phrase "good government" is a notorious harbinger of suspicion. Legislative maneuvers sold under this banner naturally beg the question "good for whom?" The answer, all too often, is some deep-pocketed clique with a purposefully opaque agenda. ... Read more»

Charter change, sales tax on November ballot

A half-cent bump in the city sales tax and a slate of City Charter changes will be on November's ballot, the City Council decided Wednesday.... Read more»

Sales tax bump, charter changes on Council slate

The Tucson City Council is set to vote Wednesday on whether to place a half-cent bump in the sales tax on the ballot. Also on the agenda are possible changes to the city charter, which would likewise have to be placed on November's ballot.... Read more»

Council seeks charter change input

Members of the Tucson City Council are seeking more public input on proposed amendments to the City Charter. Council members in Wards 1-5 have scheduled town hall meetings on the charter changes.... Read more»

Council to give charter changes second glances Tuesday

The Tucson City Council has proposed changes to the City Charter on the agenda twice for Tuesday's meetings. Supporters say that changes will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of city government, although they've been reluctant to point to any specific problem that changing the charter would fix.... Read more»1

Council moves City Charter changes forward

The Tucson City Council took a step toward asking the voters to approve changes to the City Charter on Tuesday.... Read more»1