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Dems won’t post $1M bond, so Arizona election audit won’t be paused

A brief weekend pause in the Arizona Senate’s election 'audit' that a judge ordered on Friday won’t happen because the Arizona Democratic Party declined to put up a $1 million bond that the judge requested to cover any expenses that the Senate wrongfully incurs due to the halt.... Read more»

Arizona Supreme Court says Invest in Ed will be on November’s ballot

The Arizona Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that voters in November will get the chance to decide whether to tax wealthy Arizonans to provide more funding to public schools, overturning a lower court that earlier tossed the Invest in Education Act after concluding that organizers crafted a misleading summary of the measure.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Judge's ruling on Invest in Ed is long on smirk, short on reality

The judge's ruling is perfect for the post-fact, reality-is-fake-news world. It rethinks dictionary meanings and quotes precedent that doesn't exist in a fit of self-superiority. ... Read more»

In reprise of 2018 ruling, judge boots tax hike for education off ballot

For the second time in as many election cycles, a judge has barred from the ballot a citizen initiative that seeks to increase funding for K-12 education by hiking income taxes for higher earning Arizonans, ruling that the campaign omitted critical information from a brief description on the petitions they circulated.... Read more»