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Video: Mountain lions in lair, raccoon outfoxes dinner plans

A trio of mountain lions frequenting a cave near Tucson, and a raccoon making off like a bandit with a bunny meant for a fox's dinner are featured in recent videos shot by a local big-game guide.... Read more»

Video: Lion, bears & more at Catalina Mtn. spring

A recently shot video shows a mountain lion, black bear, a family of Coues deer, a coatimundi and other animals enjoying a natural spring in the Catalina Mountains. Watch as the bear wallows in the cool water, and catch a snippet of a bear-rattlesnake standoff.... Read more»2

Video: 3 mountain lions prowling together

A Tucson big game guide captured video of three mountain lions on the prowl in northern Mexico last month. Chipper Beiner was scouting an area just south of Bisbee and shot this video from about 1,250 yards away.... Read more»