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Supreme Court rejects Arizona’s attempt to defend 'public charge' rule

The Supreme Court on Wednesday dismissed Arizona’s attempt to defend a Trump-era “public charge” that would have made it harder for immigrants to gain permanent residency, after the Biden administration refused to defend the policy. ... Read more»

Expanding insurance coverage is top priority for new Medicare-Medicaid chief

Chiquita Brooks-LaSure, new head of the federal agency that oversees health benefits for nearly 150 million Americans and $1 trillion in federal spending, said in one of her first interviews that her top priorities will be broadening insurance coverage and ensuring health equity.... Read more»

City officials weigh local impacts of Trump admin plan to trim immigrant benefits

A Trump administration plan to limit public assistance for legal immigrants simply “passes the buck down to cities who are going to have to figure out how to pay” for the lost benefits, local officials were told Monday.... Read more»

House extends kid’s health coverage, but Senate outlook unclear

The House Friday passed a GOP bill to extend the Children’s Health Insurance Program for five years by pulling funds from other programs under Obamacare, angering Democrats who called the cuts unnecessary.... Read more»

St. Elizabeth's assisting with KidsCare signups

KidsCare, low-cost children's health insurance, is available in Arizona again after enrollment was frozen in 2010. St. Elizabeth's Health Center is offering free enrollment assistance to families interested in the program. Those who apply this month could get coverage as early as September 1. ... Read more»

Arizona’s proposal to restart KidsCare wins federal approval

The state froze its participation in the Children's Health Insurance Program in the midst of the recession in 2009. Officials say as many as 40,000 children from low- and middle-income families may gain coverage.... Read more»

Arizona joins rest of U.S. in restoring health insurance program for children

Gov. Doug Ducey signed into law on Friday a bitterly contested proposal that will restore a federal health insurance program for children from low-income families, making it the last of its 49 counterparts to join the program.... Read more»

Report: Arizona fares poorly on health insurance for Hispanic kids

Arizona had the 10th-highest percentage of uninsured Hispanic children in the nation in 2014 – the third-highest among states with the largest numbers of Hispanic children, according to a new report.... Read more»

Waiting for the Children’s Health Insurance Program

The federal-state Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) will run out of money on Sept. 30. Until recently, Congress showed little interest in paying for it. But this week, the House agreed on a bill that would continue the $13 billion program in its current form through 2017. ... Read more»

Five tips for procrastinators who need to buy health insurance

The deadline for enrolling in coverage for 2015 is Sunday. Officials say people still have time to get through the process, but they should move quickly.... Read more»

Children's health program faces cloudy future under Obamacare

Are the subsidized health plans offered on the state and federal health insurance exchanges created under Obamacare an adequate alternative to the Children’s Health Insurance Program?... Read more»

Where can I find insurance options between open enrollments?

Kaiser Health Network’s consumer columnist answers a question about shopping for marketplace plans when it’s not open enrollment season. ... Read more»

KidsCare freeze puts Az in spotlight

After freezing KidsCare enrollment in 2010, Arizona's children’s health insurance program barely has a pulse. Experts will likely look to Arizona, the only state without an active CHIP program, for clues as programs nationwide come up for renewal next year. ... Read more»

Arizona offers 'sneak peak' at cost of shifting kids off CHIP

Families of Arizona children who were forced to switch from the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to private plans sold in the federal marketplace are likely paying more and getting fewer benefits, according to a new study.... Read more»

Thousands waiting for Medicaid coverage stuck in limbo

For years, Obama administration officials talked about how the health law’s online marketplaces would offer seamless shopping for consumers looking for coverage. But that’s turned out to be an empty promise for many low-income people who went to healthcare.gov and were deemed eligible for Medicaid. In Arizona, data is missing on 11,000 applicants.... Read more»