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The strategic alliance between the U.S., Japan, Australia and India - referred to as 'the Quad' - represents a stronger focus on the Indo-Pacific region as China expands influence in the South Sea.

President Joe Biden will remain in “constant contact” with debt ceiling negotiators during his shortened trip to Asia for the G7 economic summit, as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has repeatedly warned Congress the nation could default on its bills as early as June 1. Read more»

Surveillance balloons from China have entered U.S. airspace on multiple occasions since 2017 and have flown over 40 countries across five continents, according to the Pentagon and State Department.

The U.S. House passed a bill Monday that would require U.S. diplomats and intelligence officials to report to Congress their work with allies deterring Chinese surveillance aircraft and to provide a classified briefing on any airborne spying over the U.S. by the rival nation since 2017. Read more»

Though none spoke up at the Energy and Commerce hearing, some progressive Democrats and outside groups have expressed uneasiness with a government ban of a private service.

A U.S. House panel grilled TikTok’s CEO for more than five hours Thursday over the social media giant’s ties to China, and indicated there may be bipartisan consensus for a national ban on the platform. Read more»

Bills also were filed this year in Arizona, California, Montana, Texas, Utah and Washington state restricting foreign ownership of American farmland.

Though Chinese companies own just 383,935 acres, less than 1% of foreign-held acres, nearly a third of states have laws prohibiting certain foreign businesses and governments from buying agricultural lands within their borders, and more states are looking to join them. Read more»

As water levels in Colorado River reservoirs like Lake Mead, shown here in 2918, continue to fall to dangerously low levels and triggering a series of cuts in the amount of water states can pull from the river, groundwater access rights have become a bigger issue.

As the American West battles its worst megadrought in over 1,200 years, lawmakers in Arizona, California, Texas, Utah and Washington state are rethinking how groundwater is used and who gets access to it — with some even targeting foreign-owned companies. Read more»

While there is yet no consensus about the origins of COVID-19, the experts who testified before the panel said researchers are working to determine if it was a spillover event from nature or if the virus was accidentally leaked from a laboratory.

The divided 118th Congress approved its first bill Friday, after lawmakers in both the House and Senate voted unanimously to send President Joe Biden legislation that would require declassification of intelligence on the origins of COVID-19. Read more»

Researchers, including the University of Arizona's Michael Worobey, published findings Tuesday that support the theory that COVID originated in a Wuhan market. The research also indicates that animals infected more than one human with COVID before human-to-human spread began.

University of Arizona Prof. Michael Worobey and a team of scientists have found more evidence that COVID-19 originated in a Wuhan market and likely crossed over into two human hosts instead of just one. Read more»

A 1901 photo of Wong Kim Ark, required as a condition of his bond after his arrest in El Paso.

Wong Kim Ark has the unique distinction as perhaps the only person with a Supreme Court ruling declaring him, by name, a citizen of the United States — but that didn’t prevent an immigration official from arresting him and beginning deportation proceedings. Read more»

Supply chains were already in disarray thanks to over-congested ports, as in Los Angeles.

Vladimir Putin’s aggression signals a rollback of the ideals of a free Europe that emerged after 1991 - but also portends the end of something else: global supply chains that Western companies built after the Berlin Wall fell over three decades ago. Read more»

Experts believe some of the world’s largest remaining lithium deposits are buried deep beneath the Salton Sea.

Seeking to break China’s monopoly of the lithium battery market, the Biden administration awarded $35 million to boost a mining operation in California and help reduce America’s reliance on China, while also touting a separate planned extraction project and battery recycling plant. Read more»

It’s weird how Republicans claim they love the United States Constitution, refer to themselves as “constitutionalists,” yet hate press freedom and do everything in their power to destroy it. Read more»

A Republican bill passed in committee Wednesday would ban the Chinese Communist Party and "its members" from owning any real estate in Arizona. Read more» 1

Chinese universities produce more Ph.D.s in science, engineering, technology and math; by 2025, China will be turning out nearly twice as many graduates with doctorates in those fields than American universities will.

A sharp decline in the number of Americans going to college - down nearly a million since the start of the pandemic and by nearly 3 million over the last decade - could alter American society for the worse, even as economic rivals such as China vastly increase university enrollment. Read more»

An oil refinery in Big Spring, Texas.

President Joe Biden ordered the release of 50 million barrels of oil from America's emergency stockpile - the Strategic Petroleum Reserve - in response to soaring gas and energy prices, while his administration continues to grapple with historic rates of inflation. Read more»

Glasgow’s COP 26, billed as the last chance to save the world from catastrophic climate change, failed to make the radical steps scientists said were needed but finally ended in a political consensus agreement 24 hours later than planned. Read more»

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