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As Omicron surges, effort to vaccinate young children stalls

The national effort to vaccinate children against COVID-19 has stalled - two months after Pfizer’s vaccine was authorized for children ages 5 to 11 - even as the Omicron variant upends schooling for millions of children amid staffing shortages, shutdowns and heated partisan battles.... Read more»

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Most states wary of mandating COVID shots for kids

Though COVID-19 has claimed around 830,000 lives in the United States, only two states have added COVID-19 vaccines to the list of immunizations mandated for schoolchildren - the main reason, experts say, is they are wary of opening another front in the wars over mandates.... Read more»

Western wildfires drive increasing overlap of particle pollution and ground-level ozone

Increasingly frequent wildfires in the western U.S. are driving particle pollution to occur with late summer ozone episodes and raising new public health concerns about cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses and the combined air pollutants in pregnant women and children.... Read more»

Hungry holidays: Break from school means break from meals for some kids

Holidays bring a break from schoolwork for students, but for more than a half-million Arizona children they can also mean a break from their only reliable source of a nutritious meal – the subsidized school meal. ... Read more»

Democrats risk losses in 2022 if they give up on paid leave, advocates say

The Democrats’ “Build Back Better” bill that passed the U.S. House did include four weeks of paid leave -but that provision is at risk of deletion in the Senate due to Sen. Joe Manchin- and a failure to take action could have significant political consequences for Democrats in 2022.... Read more»

Schools, pediatricians look to make up lost ground on non-COVID vaccinations

Despite a rebound, routine childhood immunization rates are still lower than in 2019 and disparities in rates between racial and economic groups -particularly for Black children- have been exacerbated. Child health experts hope to boost those rates with a focus on well-child visits.... Read more»

Navajo Nation school district gets $2 million for transportation needs

Chinle Unified School District, the largest school district on the Navajo Nation - both in student count and geographic area - is set to receive $2 million from the state's A for Arizona Expansion & Innovation Fund to address transportation needs.... Read more»

Racial discrimination is linked to suicidal thoughts in Black adults and children

Research shows that any attempt to address inequitable treatment of Black Americans should also account for the ways in which racial discrimination has impacted mental health outcomes among this particular population. ... Read more»

COVID-19 vaccines for kids 5 to 11 cleared by CDC panel; final OK near

Advisers to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have recommended giving Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine to all kids ages 5 to 11, a decision that means those children could be receiving shots as soon as Wednesday. ... Read more»

Ducey’s top COVID-19 advisor urges parents to get the 'safe' vaccine for their kids

Pediatricians across the Valley are beginning to schedule appointments for vaccinations for COVID-19 and the Arizona Department of Health Services is emphasizing the safety of the vaccine as the Food and Drug Administration is expected to approve it for ages 5 through 11.... Read more»

FDA panel recommends OK for Pfizer’s COVID vaccine for kids 5 to 11

A federal vaccine advisory panel on Tuesday recommended authorizing Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5 to 11, a decision that means as soon as next week everyone in the U.S. over age 5 is expected to be eligible for a shot. ... Read more»

COVID-19 vaccines for kids ages 5 to 11 could be ready as soon as next week

The next wave of the massive COVID-19 vaccination campaign could begin as soon as next week, after federal regulators decide if elementary school students across the U.S. should begin rolling up their tiny sleeves. ... Read more»

Pfizer says kid-size doses of COVID-19 vaccine are about 91% effective

Pfizer released a study Friday showing that its vaccine prevented symptomatic COVID-19 in 90.7% of children ages 5 to 11 in a clinical trial - a report currently under review by the Food and Drug Administration in the first step toward authorization.... Read more»

Niños con discapacidades enfrentan retos especiales por covid al regresar a la escuela

El regreso a la escuela plantea problemas de salud para muchos de niños y adultos jóvenes que corren un riesgo de episodios de COVID-19, y las escuelas deben estar más atentas al uso de máscaras, la higiene de las manos y el distanciamiento social con aquellos alumnos.... Read more»

Children with disabilities face special back-to-school challenges

The return to school raises health issues for many of the roughly 7 million U.S. children and young adults who are at increased risk for serious bouts of COVID-19, and schools have to be more vigilant about mask-wearing, hand hygiene and social distancing with those students.... Read more»

Scientists search for cause of mysterious COVID-related inflammation in children

More than 5,200 of the 6.2 million U.S. children diagnosed with COVID have developed MIS-C, a rare but life-threatening complication of COVID-19, and pediatric intensive care units are now struggling to save the latest round of extremely sick children.... Read more»

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