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House panel told deaths of children in CBP custody could have been prevented

Medical experts told members of Congress Wednesday that the deaths of two children in Customs and Border Protection custody could have been prevented, but called the deaths “symptoms of a more extensive system that requires much improvement.”... Read more»

What coronavirus means for new and expecting mothers

The experience you expected is likely to be very different from the one you actually get. The key to staying sane is to be as ready as possible to throw your best-laid-plans out the window.... Read more»

The fix isn’t in: Why a safety device that can stop overdoses by kids isn’t widely used

Today, the promise to make medicine safer for kids remains largely unfulfilled, hindered by industry cost concerns and inaction by federal regulators, an examination by ProPublica found.... Read more»

New law requires buses to use stop signs, lights on private roads

Starting next school year, school buses in Arizona will be required to use stop signs and flash warning lights even on privately owned roads.... Read more»

Bill to require car booster seats takes first step in state Senate

A bill that would require children between the ages of 5 and 8 or who are shorter than 4 feet, 9 inches to ride in booster seats took its first step Wednesday in the state Senate.... Read more»