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As women return to jobs, remote work could lock in gains

The pandemic “shecession” is fading as more women return to jobs across the country, aided by new workplace flexibility that could lock in future increases in female employment.... Read more»

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Working parents face continued chaos despite reopened schools

Many parents thought school reopenings this year would free them to return to the workforce, but that prospect has been delayed again and again as waves of coronavirus variants have sent children home after classroom exposures or illnesses. ... Read more»

FactChecking Biden’s Jan. 19 press conference

In a nearly two-hour press conference on Jan. 19, President Joe Biden stretched the facts and left out important context on vaccinations, funding for lead pipe removal, child poverty and more.... Read more»

Federal aid propping up child care isn't a long-term fix

Federal COVID-19 relief dollars for child care providers will continue to flow this year, but advocates warn that the money won’t solve the industry’s fundamental, long-term challenge: how to provide quality services and pay workers a competitive wage while keeping prices affordable.... Read more»

First phase ending for child tax credit, a 'game changer' for Arizona families

Arizona families may have seen the last – for now – payment under an expanded child tax credit program, passed earlier this year as part of the pandemic-relief American Rescue Plan, that advocates say has been a “game changer” for low-income families in the state. ... Read more»

Report: Child care woes cost Arizona economy $1.8 billion per year

Instability in Arizona’s child care system is costing the state an estimated $1.8 billion in economic activity a year, according to a new U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation report, as gaps in care force parents to forgo professional and educational opportunities.... Read more»

House Democrats pass Biden’s $1.85 trillion 'Build Back Better' plan

U.S. House Democrats united around a landmark $1.85 trillion social spending and climate bill on Friday, sending the major plank of President Joe Biden’s economic agenda to the Senate - though major revisions are expected to gain support from Senate Democratic moderates.... Read more»

Arizona leaders’ decade of neglect imperiled fragile child care system. The pandemic nearly made it collapse.

A $1.2 billion infusion of federal funding has kept an already fragile Arizona child care sector from failing, giving state leaders a shot at reforming a broken system of their own making, and perhaps bringing hope for the stability that parents and providers have craved for years. ... Read more»

The racist and sexist roots of child care in America explain why the system is in shambles

The pandemic decimated the child-care industry and highlighted the vast gulf in America that separates K-12 teachers from many child-care professionals when it comes to pay, job protection, and respect - a disparity rooted in race, class, gender, and nativism.... Read more»

Vaccine mandates could make it harder to find child care workers

While many see vaccines as protection for child care workers who put themselves at risk during a pandemic, little time or money has been spent on looking out for this workforce in the past, with low pay the main reason the country’s already shaky child care system is crumbling.... Read more»

In-person workers are slow to return to jobs, data shows

Most states have not regained the jobs they lost during the pandemic, and though some employers are paying higher wages or offering other incentives to lure back workers, but that may not be enough if employees to return.... Read more»

Safety net policies help reduce the number of Americans below poverty line – but that’s not the whole story

Poverty declined even though fewer people were employed because the government stepped up, strengthening the safety net - but the way the government measures poverty is outdated - and the share of Americans experiencing food insecurity rose to an estimated 13.9% in 2020.... Read more»

Parents report pandemic-related declines in academic, social-emotional skills of young children

58% of parents say their children's academic development has been harmed by the pandemic - and just over half of parents said they have seen a negative impact on their child’s social-emotional development - but 23% of educators surveyed said they have also seen positive changes.... Read more»

Arizona kids’ health, schooling fare poorly – again – in annual report

Despite gains in some areas, Arizona continued to rank among the worst states in the nation for education, according to the latest version of a national report that measures children’s well-being across several areas.... Read more»

'Get a shot and have a beer': Biden touts free brew, pro sports tickets and child care to boost vaccines

Free child care during COVID-19 vaccine appointments, late-night appointment slots on Fridays, and free beer for everybody over 21 if President Joe Biden’s goal is reached next month are some of the latest incentives and strategies lined up leading to the goal of having 70% of U.S. adults receive at least one shot by July Fourth. ... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Doug's dogma on unemployment has an insulting upside

Ducey’s unemployment moves represent bold thinking that could improve the program, but they're lousy with stereotyping and hobble people looking for work. ... Read more»

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