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Congress explores creation of truth commission for U.S. Indian Boarding Schools

Native American survivors of Indian boarding schools detailed to a House subcommittee the need for Congress to establish a commission dedicated to unveiling the traumas Indigenous children experienced because of the forcible removal policy.... Read more»

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Funding available for Arizona tribal governments to support public safety

Arizona tribal governments can go after funding - available through the U.S. Department of Justice - to help their communities in the areas of crime prevention, victim services and coordinated community responses to violence against Indigenous women.... Read more»

Effort to eliminate clergy-penitent privilege dies amid anti-Catholic fears

An effort to eliminate clergy privilege and force religious leaders to report child abuse to legal authorities was unable to get enough votes to make it out of committee Tuesday after days of backroom drama. In Arizona, clergy are not mandated reporters and suspected child abuse or neglect isn’t exempted from that, even if it is ongoing. And religious leaders cannot be forced to testify in court about abuse a parishioner confessed to committing.... Read more»

Bill would eliminate clergy privilege, require reporting of child abuse

A new proposal in the Arizona Senate would eliminate the clergy-penitent privilege and require clergy in Arizona to report suspected child abuse, even if they learn of it during a confession. In Arizona, state law exempts a clergyman or priest from reporting abuse heard during a confession.... Read more»

U.S., Arizona life expectancy fell, driven by deaths of younger people

After decades of steady increases, life expectancy in the U.S. ticked down slightly over three recent years, a drop attributed to a rise in “cause-specific” deaths like suicides and drug overdoses among those aged 25 to 64.... Read more»

Audit shows deep, worsening trauma for migrant children in custody

An inspector general’s report on the mental health of migrant children in federal detention found multiple shortcomings in how officials cared for children in custody last fall, with significant trauma and worsening mental health problems.... Read more»

The winners and losers in Arizona’s $11.8 billion budget

Arizona’s $11.8 billion budget for fiscal 2020 — which was passed late Monday only after Republican lawmakers demanded changes to child sex-abuse laws — includes money for schools, infrastructure and health care. But other measures, including one that would have funded pregnancy crisis centers, were left out.... Read more»

Families claim they were falsely accused of child neglect or abuse

Barrio Defense Committee is helping the families fight what they claim are false accusations of child abuse and neglect reported by the hospital and investigated by the child safety department.... Read more»

Richters will face charges in Pinal County in 2016

An Arizona couple found guilty of kidnapping and child abuse in Pima County Superior Court on Friday will face charges in Pinal County in 2016, officials announced Monday.... Read more»

Jury convicts Tucson couple of imprisoning girls

A jury convicted an Arizona mother and stepfather Friday of kidnapping and child abuse after they kept three girls for more than a year in prison-like conditions, regularly beating them, depriving them of sleep, and subjecting them to bizarre rituals.... Read more»

Ducey replaces state child safety director

Removing Charles Flanagan as director of the Department of Child Safety, the governor replaced him with Greg McKay, a former Phoenix police detective who blew the whistle in 2013 on thousands of reports of abuse and neglect that the state hasn't investigated. ... Read more»

Federal panel visits Az to discuss violence against reservation children

Daniel Cauffman, 21, can speak candidly about the physical abuse he suffered at the hands of his stepmother when he was a child. He was one of several young people to give testimony Tuesday alongside regional experts at a public hearing for the advisory committee to the Attorney General’s Task Force on American Indian and Alaska Native Children Exposed to Violence.... Read more»

John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: 6,000 allegations of abuse ignored by CPS

Interviews with former KTKT GM Phil Richardson, Inside Tucson Business Editor Mark B. Evans, Children's Action Alliance CEO Dana Naimark, Republican state. Rep. Ethan Orr, Democratic state. Sen. Steve Farley, Republican House Speaker Andy Tobin.... Read more»

Court upholds conviction of mentally disabled man in child sex abuse

A divided federal appeals court upheld the abusive sexual contact conviction of a mentally disabled Arizona man, refusing to accept his claim that police coerced him into confessing.... Read more»

Mexico authorities blame parents of 9-year-old who gave birth to baby girl

Mexico health authorities have criticized the parents of a nine-year-old girl who gave birth to a baby girl last month for not reporting her pregnancy earlier. ... Read more»

9-year-old in Mexico gives birth to baby girl

A 9-year-old girl in Mexico has given birth to a baby girl, Agence France-Presse reported Wednesday. Authorities are now hunting for the 17-year-old father in what they believe is a case of rape or sexual abuse.... Read more»

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