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CDC: Imported onions contaminated with salmonella sicken people across U.S.

The CDC is warning people to stay away from red, white and yellow onions imported from Chihuahua, Mexico, because of salmonella contamination that has sickened more than 600 people across 37 states.... Read more»

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CDC: Cebollas importadas contaminadas con salmonela enferman a las personas en EE. UU.

Los CDC advierten a las personas que se mantengan alejadas de las cebollas rojas, blancas y amarillas importadas de Chihuahua, México, debido a la contaminación por salmonela que ha enfermado a más de 600 personas en 37 estados.... Read more»

9 members of Mormon family killed in ambush in northern Mexico

Gunmen ambushed members of a Mormon community near a town in northern Mexico on Monday morning, killing three women and six children, and wounding five other children. ... Read more»

Border charity seeks to educate others about Mexican bureaucracy

Officials with a Texas-based nonprofit operating a binational charity learned a difficult lesson about running a facility in Juárez, Mexico. A misunderstanding led to the removal of the facility's 40 children with special needs. What happened to them, they said, could happen to others if they are unprepared. ... Read more»

After federal change, border cattle industry struggles

The remote town of Ojinaga on the Texas-Mexico border used to enjoy the distinction of being one of the busiest ports for importing Mexican cattle into the U.S. But citing concerns about escalating drug violence in Mexico, the U.S. Department of Agriculture last year moved its cattle inspectors across the Rio Grande into Texas — a decision residents on both sides of the border say has crippled the local livestock industry. ... Read more»

2 sons of Mexican journalists killed in Chihuahua

Two sons of two prominent Mexican journalists were shot dead in the northern state of Chihuahua over the weekend, in the latest violence in Mexico. ... Read more»

Meet the Romneys of Mexico

They farm, own big houses and pray in a lavish Mormon temple. But they regret that cousin Mitt Romney has never visited. ... Read more»

Mexico’s drought turns farms to dust

As droughts continue to devastate Mexico's farmers (350,000 head of cattle have starved to death in Chihuahua), experts are asking whether these climate changes are permanent.... Read more»

Bodies found near Juarez revive fears of serial killings

An announcement Monday that the remains of 12 young women and girls were found near the Texas-Mexico border revives fears of renewed serial killing in Ciudad Juarez.... Read more»

Mexicans flee drug violence for refuge in U.S.

Displaced Mexicans seek refuge north of the Rio Grande after fleeing a government-sanctioned drug war in Chihuahua, where thousands have been slaughtered since 2006.... Read more»


Politicos crack down on Mexico's gangster ballads

As Mexico's elections near, politicos are tightening the squeeze on "narcocorridos," the country’s popular odes to drug cartel kingpins.... Read more»

Comic: Politics

The pit bull and the Chihuahua

State Sen. Frank Antenori wants you to send him to Washington, to gnaw the arm off big government.... Read more»

Mexico fights invasion of wild boars

They are ferocious, destroy crops and attack humans, newspapers in Mexico’s northern state of Chihuahua warn. Mexico’s environment department has issued a death sentence on thousands of wild boars that have crossed the border from Texas in recent years.... Read more»2

Mexican news roundup

DEA touts efforts in drug war

A roundup of news coverage from the Mexican side of the border: The Drug Enforcement Administration reports it is making headway in the war on drugs in Mexico. Another report shows that cartel operations are constantly evolving with the Sinaloa and Zetas cartels at the center of the action.... Read more»

Mexican inmates live the high life with prison bar

Police have discovered a well-stocked bar at a prison in northern Mexico that served booze to inmates and even had billiard tables for prisoners to play pool or snooker.... Read more»


Glassman 2: Rise of the Chihuahua

Nostradamus was right: Rodney Glassman had less than no chance to unseat Sen. John McCain. So what's next for The Boy Wonder?... Read more»3

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