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State statutes could protect families if Indian Child Welfare Act is overturned

A Texas challenge to the federal Indian Child Welfare Act at the Supreme Court might not be entirely successful in at least nine states where state laws impose similar restrictions on the adoption of Indigenous children by non-Native parents. ... Read more»

Design chosen for quarter commemorating Cherokee Chief Wilma Mankiller

The Wilma Mankiller quarter, slated to begin circulating next year, will feature an image of the Cherokee chief who was the first woman elected principal chief of the Cherokee Nation and a Medal of Freedom winner who championed of the rights of Indigenous people and women.... Read more»

Joy Harjo, first Native American U.S. poet laureate begins third term, publishes memoir

Joy Harjo of Oklahoma, the first Native American woman to serve as the nation’s poet laureate, has begun her third term – an honor bestowed only once before. Robert Pinsky was the first U.S. poet laureate to serve a third term, in 1999.... Read more»

Native American tribes expect little help in fighting coronavirus spread

As tribes across the country take steps to fight the spread of the coronavirus, they’re doing so mindful that the virus has proven especially dangerous to the elderly, a venerated group in many Native communities.... Read more»

Fate of native children may hinge on U.S. adoption case

A case before federal appeals court judges will decide if tribal parents will continue to get preference in adopting Native American children as conservatives groups sue to end race-based adoption.... Read more»