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Trump talk of eliminating gun-free schools a long shot, experts say

Charles Heller embraces Donald Trump’s proposal to eliminate gun-free zones on school campuses, a move he sees as “really restoring a freedom, not eliminating anything.” But the Tucson resident acknowledges that legal and political realities will likely keep Arizona schools gun-free for the foreseeable future.... Read more»

Az schools chief endorses Trump using taxpayer-funded email

Diane Douglas, the state Superintendent of Public Instruction, announced Friday that she was endorsing Donald Trump for president. Unfortunately for Douglas, the email was sent from an Arizona Department of Education email address — a pretty clear violation of state laws barring using public resources to influence elections.... Read more»2

Cursive on track to make a comeback in Az schools

Cursive — not required by Common Core teaching standards — has disappeared from Arizona public schools, but a new Senate bill would require cursive reading and writing be taught. ... Read more»

Arizona charter schools less ethnically diverse

Two decades after Arizona helped pioneer the charter school movement, enrollment data show the schools don’t match the school age demographics of the state and, in many cases, their neighborhoods. White - and especially Asian - students attend charter schools at a higher rate than Hispanics, who now make up the the greatest portion of Arizona’s school age population.... Read more»

Arizona gets temporary waiver for ‘No Child Left Behind’

Arizona was one of seven states granted a temporary waiver Thursday by the U.S. Department of Education from provisions of the No Child Left Behind Act.... Read more»