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Chandler police have increased training around interactions with people who have intellectual or developmental disabilities through such events as Pizza With a Cop in 2019.

Silver Alerts allow DPS to reach more people via phone notifications, broadcast alerts on TV and radio, and highway signs. Read more»

This is not the first time the Trump administration’s census plans have been in court – this photo shows protesters in 2019 outside the Supreme Court, which struck down an administration plan to add a citizenship question to the census. Both sides believe the latest fight, over attempts to exclude undocumented migrants, could also land in the Supreme Court.

A federal court Thursday blocked President Donald Trump’s plan to exclude unauthorized immigrants from the census, calling the order a clear violation of the law would cause lasting damage. Read more»

A C26 surveillance plane.

The Arizona National Guard has been helping the Phoenix Police Department monitor Black Lives Matter protests using helicopters and an airplane that has been used for counter-drug operations along Arizona's border with Mexico. Read more»

A New York National Guard private administers a drive-thru COVID-19 test in Brooklyn, April 20.

CVS Health announced it will open 10 COVID-19 drive-thru test sites in Arizona Friday, as part of the company’s second phase of efforts to help slow the spread of the virus. Read more»

Gun control advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety announced Tuesday that it will be spending $5 million in Arizona to try to back Democrats up and down the ballot, with a focus on the U.S. Senate race and winning control of the state legislature for the first time in nearly 60 years. Read more»

Arizona budget officials expect the state will face a deficit of $1.1 billion – possibly higher – over this fiscal year and next from the economic hit caused the COVID-19. One plus for the state is a “rainy day” fund that currently has almost $1 billion, but lawmakers say tough decisions still lie ahead.

As businesses shuttered by COVID-19 and resulting high unemployment have led to a collapse in sales and income tax revenues, state and local governments may be forced to slash budgets. That, in turn, could slow the overall recovery, economists say, with fewer workers and services pumping money back into the economy. Read more»

In the latest Distressed Communities report, Tucson ranks a shocking 91 out of 100. Nearly 59 percent of the city's ZIP codes are distressed and less than 8 percent are prosperous. This is the kind of calamity more likely seen in famously troubled places — and indeed the other bottom 10 include Detroit, Buffalo, and Newark. Read more»

A team with Watershed Management Group creates a landscape rainwater system in Phoenix.

Tucson and other parched Arizona cities offer rebates for businesses and homes that harvest rainwater, but the practice struggles to gain momentum in the Phoenix area. Read more»

Dr. Dan Quan, a toxicology expert at the Maricopa Integrated Health System in Phoenix, said fentanyl is 100 times more powerful than heroin.

Arizona on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against Chandler-based opioid firm alleging that they participated in fraudulent practices that led to overprescription of a powerful opioid drug. Read more»

Intel formally announced Wednesday that the company will go ahead with plans to develop an advanced semiconductor plant in Chandler. The Fab 42 site will cost $7 billion and bring as many as 10,000 jobs to the state.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich used the Oval Office as a backdrop Wednesday to formally announce the company’s $7 billion investment in a new chip plant in Chandler, a long-delayed project that is expected to create as many as 3,000 high-tech jobs in Arizona. Read more»

Sean Desmond, director of sales and marketing for Bonded Logic, shows the Chandler company’s insulation made from old blue jeans.

They’ve been sung about by Neil Diamond, Flo Rida and Blur. They’re worn until they rip and tatter, then worn some more. They are your jeans. When your denim is worn to the point where it’s no longer useful as clothing, it can serve another purpose. A company in Chandler is taking this evergreen apparel and recycling it to make bedding, wall insulation and soundproofing products. Read more»

One reason Arizona cities may have performed relatively well on a ranking of livability for people with disabilities is the age of the cities. Experts say younger cities are more likely to have buildings with elevators and other elements of modern code.

Peoria was ranked second and Scottsdale, Chandler and Gilbert all finished in the top 10. Organizations for people with disabilities credited everything from the weather to a long history of advocacy to modern infrastructure for the strong showing by Arizona cities. Read more»

While the zoning for Denise Phillips’ Chandler property allows chickens, a city ordinance forbids them in the yards of most other homes. She’s shown here with her goddaughter, Phoebe Brethrower.

A bill sponsored by Sen. David Farnworth would provide every homeowner with the chance to own a chicken and other fowl like peacocks or ducks. An organization of cities and towns objects to the proposal. Read more»

Rachel Sutherland, communications and media relations manager for Intel Corp. in Arizona, said the company is on the lookout out highly skilled workers ready to work in increasingly technical manufacturing jobs.

Intel Corp.'s Ocotillo Campus is proof that the company is expanding and soon will be in the market for 1,000 workers to operate a $5.2 billion fabrication plant. The minimum calling card is a two-year technical degree or equivalent experience in areas like process design, automation software and packaging and assembly technology. Read more»

Selena Larson is PR coordinator for the Downtown Chandler Partnership, an anchor firm operating out of Gangplank in Chandler.

In Chandler, Tucson, and Avondale, incubator Gangplank offers individuals and small businesses free workspace, Internet, meeting rooms and other resources. Read more»

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