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Arizona businesses with vaccine mandates would face $500K lawsuits under GOP proposal

Arizonan businesses would be on the hook for half a million dollars in damages if they refuse a religious exemption from an employee who later experiences significant injury as a result of getting vaccinated under a proposal advancing in the GOP-controlled legislature. ... Read more»

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Ducey says education, water, border security will be top priorities for legislative session

Education, water and border security will be among the top agenda items Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey plans to highlight in his State of the State address on Monday, which will kick off his eighth and final legislative session. ... Read more»

Report: Child care woes cost Arizona economy $1.8 billion per year

Instability in Arizona’s child care system is costing the state an estimated $1.8 billion in economic activity a year, according to a new U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation report, as gaps in care force parents to forgo professional and educational opportunities.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Never mind the GOP, Tucson's new alternative may be on the Left

Someone has got to hold our Democratic incumbents accountable and it’s probably time to stop the expecting the heat to come from the Right. It may have to come from the Left; at least around Tucson.... Read more»2

FactCheck: Post offers misleading advice on mandatory vaccines and unemployment benefits

As companies mandate COVID-19 vaccines for employees, a social media post tells workers who don’t want the vaccine that they can collect unemployment benefits if they are fired, but in most states, workers fired for violating company policy are not entitled to collect benefits.... Read more»

Unhappy hour: Bar owners sue, call Ducey closure order unconstitutional

When he announced an extension Thursday of his order closing bars, gyms, movie theaters and more, Gov. Doug Ducey acknowledged that “businesses and employees have sacrificed” as the state fights the spread of COVID-19.... Read more»

Arizona business leaders have high hopes as USMCA takes effect

There’s often not much agreement on news out of Washington, but Arizona business leaders were hard-pressed this week to come up with negatives about the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement that took effect Wednesday.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Hamer: Masks & social distancing necessary to avoid CV-19 backslide

If we want to preserve the progress we've made and not backslide toward more infections and risk more business closures, then we'll all have to adhere to heightened protocols, including wearing masks and continued physical distancing.... Read more»1

Small farms struggle to get federal relief funds or help from USDA

Despite the federal government’s unprecedented efforts to aid businesses threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic, small farms are being left further behind, according to one local small farm owner. ... Read more»

Ducey extends Arizona's coronavirus restrictions until May 15

With Arizona's COVID-19 restrictions set to expire, Gov. Ducey announced they will be extended for two weeks, with gradual lifting of some bans. Ducey said "the spread has been slowed," but "we're not going to undo this."... Read more»

House OKs $484 billion in COVID-19 relief, loans could go out this week

Money could start flowing to distressed small businesses as early as this week, after the House overwhelmingly approved a $484 billion measure that refills the exhausted Paycheck Protection Program and adds funds for hospitals and other services. ... Read more»

Coronavirus relief payments begin landing in Arizonans’ bank accounts

Thousands of dollars started arriving in Arizonans’ bank accounts this week as the first payments from the massive coronavirus relief package began to be distributed in the form of expanded unemployment benefits and direct stimulus payments. ... Read more»

Ducey order lists 'essential services' during CV-19 pandemic

Healthcare, pharmacies, utilities and Internet services, grocery stores and gas stations, the press, banks and hardware stores and more are listed as "essential services" during the coronavirus outbreak, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey ordered Monday.... Read more»

Grand Canyon lodging, food services shuttered in face of CV-19

Grand Canyon National Park is still open, but the same cannot be said for lodging and food services in the park that will be shuttered for the next two months by concerns over coronavirus. ... Read more»

Az House Democrats: ‘Offensive and wrong’ to assume we won’t be unified

Responding to a column this week, every Democrat in the Arizona House of Representatives pledged to vote for one of their own to lead the chamber if Democrats take control of the legislative chamber in this year's elections.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Impact fees are a 'no-growth' relic worth keeping

The Tucson City Council’s review of impact fees is one of those great moments in the life of a columnist when I get to say “everyone is full of it” — except, perhaps, for Councilmembers Cunningham and Santa Cruz.... Read more»

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