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Many certificate programs don’t pay off, but colleges want to keep offering them anyway

Certificates are the fastest-growing credential in higher education, touted as solutions for people who want training fast - but nearly two-thirds of undergraduate certificate programs left their students worse off than the typical high school graduate. ... Read more»

‘We’re aides, not maids.’ How one high-demand job shows education system’s failings

Key to enabling older adults to remain at home is expanding the number of home health aides, but attracting aides is challenging; it’s exhausting work, with low pay, often no benefits, little respect and is overwhelmingly done by women of color and a dwindling number of immigrants.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Is certification required for teacher success?

Part of being a savvy customer is recognizing and interpreting signals when shopping. Likewise, employers look for resume signals to prescreen job applicants, such as attendance at an esteemed college or work experience at a reputable firm. But research indicates that, in the teaching profession, completion of a standard certification program doesn’t always signal competency in the classroom... Read more»