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Secretive CBP counterterrorism team interrogated dozens of citizens at border

A new report revealed that a secretive counterterrorism team interrogated dozens of American activists and journalists at the border as part of the Trump administration’s response to fears about a large migrant “caravan” making its way to the United States’ southern border.... Read more»

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More Central American children could rejoin parents in U.S.

Unprecedented numbers of unaccompanied migrant children have been placed with sponsors across the country this year. Now, thousands more could arrive under a new federal program aimed at providing a path for children left behind in Central America to join immigrant parents.... Read more»

VP Kamala Harris making first border visit in El Paso on Friday

Vice President Kamala Harris will head to El Paso on Friday, the first visit to the border by the Biden administration’s point person on migration issues.... Read more»

Biden immigration overhaul would open a door to citizenship for 11 million people

President Biden's bill includes a pathway to citizenship for nearly 11 million people and would also improve immigration courts by expanding programs to manage family cases to reduce backlogs in court, expand training for judges, and address the problem of mass migration.... Read more»

200 migrants turn themselves in to Border Patrol near Sasabe

More than 200 people, including families traveling with children, surrendered to Border Patrol agents Saturday night in five separate groups near Sasabe, Ariz.... Read more»

Oregon pays to help asylum-seekers avoid deportation

In immigration court, a lawyer makes deportation much less likely. ... Read more»

Missing migrants: Failing to bring back the dead

International systems to identify and return the remains of migrants who die on their journey from Latin America to the United States continue to fail.... Read more»

How climate change is driving emigration from Central America

Rising global temperatures, the spread of crop disease and extreme weather events have made coffee harvests unreliable in places like El Salvador and that could lead to millions leaving the region.... Read more»

Arizona advocates, immigration lawyers call SCOTUS asylum ruling 'devastating' and a 'death knell'

A day after the Supreme Court decided to allow the Trump administration to deny asylum to immigrants who reach the southwestern border without seeking refuge in another country, immigration lawyers and advocates denounced the the policy. ... Read more»

'Shocking' decision to allow Trump administration to bar some asylum-seekers, activists say

Calling the decision "shocking" and "disappointing," immigration rights advocates and members of Congress sharply criticized the Supreme Court's decision to allow the Trump administration to deny asylum to immigrants who reach the southwestern border without seeking refuge in another country.... Read more»

Supreme Court lets stand Trump's rule for asylum-seekers on Mexico border

The ruling allows the policy — which requires many migrants to seek asylum in countries other than the United States — to continue in the states on the nation's southern border. ... Read more»

Fear & uncertainty: Asylum-seekers in limbo under Trump’s expanding ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy

As the Trump administration seeks to expand the "Migrant Protection Protocols" or "Remain in Mexico" program along the southwest border, migrants and shelter operators worry about the future, even as asylum reviews tighten further. ... Read more»1

Sinema pushes for streamlined reviews for asylum seekers

Sen. Krysten Sinema joined eight other senators in pressing immigration officials to spin up a pilot program that would streamline the asylum review process, and allow the Trump administration to deport migrant families within 15 days. ... Read more»

Immigration officials use secretive gang databases to deny asylum claims

With scant public notice, immigration officials are relying on databases run by foreign police and militaries to check whether migrants crossing the U.S. border have gang affiliations, which would allow officials to detain and eventually deport them.... Read more»

Widely circulated photo shows bodies of a man & toddler daughter who drowned trying to seek asylum in the U.S.

A photo of the bodies of an El Salvadoran man and his toddler daughter who drowned in the Rio Grande after reportedly being unable to request asylum on U.S. soil was published by a Mexican newspaper and has since been widely circulated through social media.... Read more»

Undocumented immigration into U.S., especially from Mexico, is down

Undocumented immigration from Mexico has dropped so significantly over a decade that Mexicans no longer make up the majority of those living in the U.S. illegally, according to a Pew Research Center report.... Read more»

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