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A tale of two Obamacares: Which Is right?

This weekend, I read two very different takes on the three-week-old Healthcare.gov health insurance marketplace. One was hopeful; the other decidedly not. Both are worth your time. ... Read more»

Obamacare myths

We’ve been batting down bogus claims about the Affordable Care Act for years, since 2009, when legislation was still in the debate stage. But they’ve been increasing in intensity in recent months as we approach Oct. 1, the date the insurance exchanges will be open for business for those buying their own insurance, mainly with the help of federal subsidies.... Read more»

Feds propose shakeup for emergency room billing

Federal officials for more than a decade have let hospitals decide on their own how much to charge Medicare for certain emergency room overhead and staffing costs called “facility” fees — a controversial policy some critics believe invites overcharges. Now in a major turnabout, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are seeking tighter controls over the fees as part of a plan to redirect billions of dollars Medicare spends annually on outpatient health care. ... Read more»

Louie Gohmert’s health care hooey

Rep. Louie Gohmert is wrong when he says a “poor guy out there making $14,000″ is “going to pay extra income tax if he cannot afford to pay the several thousand dollars for an Obamacare policy.” In fact, that “poor guy” will be eligible for Medicaid coverage or heavily subsidized private insurance, depending on where he lives, without fear of being penalized if he cannot afford insurance. ... Read more»

Obama overhypes health savings

President Barack Obama presented a glowing but incomplete view of how much Americans can save on premiums thanks to the Affordable Care Act.... Read more»

The 10 most common nursing home violations

ProPublica today is updating our Nursing Home Inspect tool, which now includes details of more than a quarter-million deficiencies identified by government regulators at U.S. nursing homes over the past three years.... Read more»

States find obstacles moving elderly, disabled into community

A multi-billion dollar federal initiative to move low-income elderly and disabled people from long-term care facilities into the community has fallen far short of its goals.... Read more»

Medicare adds new accountable care organizations

The Obama administration announced Tuesday that 27 health systems have been selected to participate in Medicare’s Shared Savings Program.... Read more»

State gets go-ahead for more Medicaid changes

The federal government Friday approved a handful of changes to Arizona’s Medicaid program that state officials said could help extend health coverage to more than 20,000 low-income children.... Read more»

Medicare combats fraud with easier-to-read statements

In the latest effort to enlist seniors in the fight against Medicare fraud, federal officials have overhauled Medicare billing statements to make it easier to find bogus charges without a magnifying glass.... Read more»1

Feds OK portion of Medicaid cuts requested by state

The federal government Friday approved limited benefit changes in Arizona’s Medicaid program, but rejected $52 million in savings that state officials said budget shortfalls had forced them to propose.... Read more»

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