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Legisladores de Arizona consideran expandir cobertura Medicaid para la atención posparto

Los defensores están presionando a los legisladores de Arizona para que amplíen la cobertura de Medicaid para las mujeres después de dar a luz, para ayudar a mejorar los resultados de salud materna y combatir el aumento de las muertes relacionadas con el embarazo.... Read more»

Arizona lawmakers consider Medicaid expansion for postpartum care

Advocates are pushing Arizona lawmakers to expand Medicaid coverage for women after they give birth, to help improve maternal health outcomes and combat rising pregnancy-related deaths. ... Read more»

Experts: Biden's Obamacare open enrollment period could be ‘really good’ for Arizona

The normal period for Americans to sign up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act ended Dec. 15, but President Biden called for a special 90-day open enrollment period in response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis that health advocates say could open the door to health insurance for thousands in Arizona.... Read more»

Feds say Arizona can move forward on work requirement for Medicaid

Federal officials issued guidelines last week that will let Arizona and nine other states move ahead on proposals to require that able-bodied Medicaid recipients are either working or involved in “community engagement activities” to be eligible for coverage.... Read more»

Cochise Regional Hospital set to close after Medicare cut off funding

The government cut off Medicare payments this month to Cochise Regional Hospital in Douglas. Officials have gone to court to restore funding, saying the facility will have to close without it, but federal authorities said that four surveys of the facility found “continuing, serious problems with basic nursing care.”... Read more»1

Government shutdown will not slow down Obamacare in Az

Whether the federal government is shut down or not, insurance “navigators” in Arizona say they are ready to help consumers shop for health insurance coverage in the new federally run marketplaces under Obamacare.... Read more»

Report: Obamacare premiums in Arizona among lowest in nation

Arizona residents will be offered health-insurance plans with some of the lowest premiums in the country when federal insurance marketplaces begin open enrollment Tuesday under Obamacare, the government said Wednesday.... Read more»

With navigator grants, groups spread word about health law options

Her staff fielding questions in Spanish, Emma Torres explains by phone how Campesinos Sin Fronteras will spread the word about the Affordable Care Act in Yuma County.... Read more»

Census: Almost 1 in 5 Arizonans lacked health insurance in 2011

About one Arizonan in five lacked health insurance in 2011, and the number rose to almost one in four in some counties, according to the most recent Census Bureau estimates. Statewide, 19.6 percent of people under age 65 were uninsured.... Read more»

Rural hospitals get lift from UA center

Rural hospitals face challenges such as staff shortages, keeping up with technology and even attracting patients who choose to drive to a bigger city. The UA Center for Rural Health offers grants, training courses, networking opportunities and consultants to improve the quality of health care and hospitals’ finances.... Read more»