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Delay in Census data could push back Arizona redistricting work

The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission likely won’t be able to start drawing new district lines until August thanks to a delay in data from the 2020 Census. The Census Bureau doesn’t expect to have the data used to determine congressional apportionment until April 30, meaning it could be three months until Arizona learns whether it will get the 10th congressional seat it expects to gain from the census.... Read more»

Census: Not sure it can exclude migrants, but wants to be left to try

The Trump administration said it does not know how many immigrants might be excluded from the Census under a 2019 presidential order, but it still urged the Supreme Court on Monday to overturn lower courts that blocked the proposal.... Read more»

Federal judges block Trump exclusion of undocumented immigrants from Census

A panel of three federal judges ruled Thursday that President Donald Trump’s memo excluding undocumented immigrants from the 2020 census count is unlawful, finding the U.S. Constitution mandates the enumeration of all people in the nation, not solely citizens. ... Read more»

Groups mount 'all hands' push to count people with Census cut short

Arizona advocacy groups mounted an “all hands on deck” push to boost last-minute census response rates after the Census Bureau announced plans to end the 2020 census count Thursday, two weeks earlier than expected.... Read more»

Judge blocks 'unlawful' plan to end Census Monday; Arizona still lags

A federal judge reiterated her order Thursday that the Census Bureau continue its count until Oct. 31, saying plans to end earlier were “erroneous … unlawful” and they undermined the credibility of the count. ... Read more»

Navajo drives unite two goals: COVID-19 relief and upping Census participation

The Navajo Nation is getting creative in it's efforts to provide Covid-19 relief and supplies, while also urging members to participate in the US Census. ... Read more»

With clock ticking – Az lagging – Census court fight continues

A see-saw legal battle over the 2020 Census continued Friday, with the government pushing to end the count in just five days while local governments, including two Arizona tribes, hoped to extend it to Oct. 31.... Read more»

Arizona officials work to boost Census responses with time running out

A federal judge could decide whether to force the Census Bureau to extend its 2020 count for another month, but state and local groups working to ensure a high response rate said they are taking no chances.... Read more»

Court halts Trump plan to exclude undocumented migrants from census

A federal court Thursday blocked President Donald Trump’s plan to exclude unauthorized immigrants from the census, calling the order a clear violation of the law would cause lasting damage.... Read more»

Tribal leader says ensuring accurate census is a 'life and death' issue

Gila River Indian Community Gov. Stephen Roe Lewis told a House panel Thursday that an accurate Census count could be a “matter of life and death” for tribal communities.... Read more»

Az could lose more than $600M if Census response doesn’t improve

While Arizona ranks at the bottom of 2020 Census response, a new congressional report estimates the state would lose more than $600 million in federal funding over the next decade if just 1% of the population isn't counted.... Read more»

Judge halts plan to end Census early, as Arizona, tribal responses lag

A federal judge has temporarily blocked a Census Bureau plan to end its counting a month earlier than planned, ruling in a suit joined last week by the Navajo Nation and Gila River Indian Community.... Read more»

Critics: Trump order to discount undocumented migrants in Census will fail

President Donald Trump said Tuesday he will exclude undocumented immigrants in the 2020 Census when it comes to allocating seats in Congress, a move critics called unconstitutional and unenforceable.... Read more»

Help wanted: Census to hire 57,000 in Arizona

The U.S. Census Bureau wants you – specifically 57,000 of you, the number of people who will be needed to fill jobs just in Arizona alone for the decennial census in 2020.... Read more»

Census officials will work to accurately count all communities in 2020

Federal officials are determined to recruit workers and accurately count residents for the 2020 census, especially such historically underserved minorities as Native Americans and Hispanics, census leaders said. ... Read more»