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The census missed some folks. These cities want them counted.

Many cities and states say the 2020 census wildly underestimated their residents, costing them significant money for the social services and infrastructure their areas need - and while the Census Bureau has created programs to fix the errors, many say they are not sufficient. ... Read more»

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Bipartisan bill to promote affordable housing introduced in Arizona House

Two Arizona legislators introduced a bipartisan bill Wednesday that would address the state’s housing crisis by increasing construction of affordable homes and providing aid to the homeless.... Read more»


Another million adults ‘have stepped off the path to the middle class’

A sharp decline in the number of Americans going to college - down nearly a million since the start of the pandemic and by nearly 3 million over the last decade - could alter American society for the worse, even as economic rivals such as China vastly increase university enrollment.... Read more»

Census recounts fail to account for COVID chaos, cities say

Starting this week, communities that think they were undercounted can file challenges with the U.S. Census Bureau - but the so-called Count Question Resolution process only allows cities to challenge mapping mistakes that mistakenly placed people outside of city limits.... Read more»

What’s in a name? Plenty for people honored in Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate the achievements of Hispanics in the U.S. And Latinos. And Chicanos. And Latines - and as Hispanic numbers and clout continue to grow, so have the terms to describe people with roots in Spanish-speaking or Latin countries.... Read more»

Limited Medicaid access puts childbearing women at risk

In states that have declined to expand Medicaid to all adults with lower incomes, women of childbearing age are more than twice as likely to be without health insurance as those living in expansion states - a disparity that helps explain the United States’ dismal maternal mortality rate. ... Read more»

Poverty rate climbed in 2020, but pandemic assistance blunted losses

The U.S. poverty rate rose from 10.5% to 11.4% last year, reversing years of steady declines, but that increase in poverty was offset by pandemic relief funds and other benefits, according to new Census Bureau data.... Read more»

Redistricting battles kick off in state courts

Many states face increased legal wrangling this redistricting cycle - so far, some 49 redistricting suits have been filed in state and federal courts in at least 22 states, and delayed census redistricting data has been the main reason cited in most lawsuits filed so far. ... Read more»

40 million people rely on the Colorado River. It’s drying up fast.

One of the country’s most important sources of fresh water is in peril, the latest victim of the accelerating climate crisis and a growing population that, even as the drought worsened over recent decades, ranked among the fastest-growing places in the country.... Read more»

Supreme Court rejection of eviction ban increases pressure to dole out rental aid money

The Supreme Court’s rejection of the Biden administration’s effort to extend a federal ban on evictions has put hundreds of thousands of American renters at risk of losing their housing — and increasing pressure on states and localities to get rental assistance dollars distributed. ... Read more»

Model estimates COVID-19 infected nearly a third of Americans in 2020

America reported the highest rate of COVID-19 infections globally last year, but even 20 million was an undercount, according to research published on Thursday estimating 31% of the country contracted the infectious disease in 2020. ... Read more»

Safety net policies help reduce the number of Americans below poverty line – but that’s not the whole story

Poverty declined even though fewer people were employed because the government stepped up, strengthening the safety net - but the way the government measures poverty is outdated - and the share of Americans experiencing food insecurity rose to an estimated 13.9% in 2020.... Read more»

Outbreak of inequality: COVID-19 magnifies decades of injustices, inequities in U.S.

COVID-19 has laid bare the devastating cost of inequality in the U.S., with more than 600,000 people having died from the virus - but Black and Hispanic people are at least twice as likely as white Americans to die of the virus, showing the crisis didn’t hit everyone equally.... Read more»

Arizona Redistricting Commission chooses competitiveness metrics

The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission has selected the tools it will use to determine whether the new congressional and legislative districts it draws are competitive, one of the criteria the Arizona Constitution directs the commission to use when drawing new maps.... Read more»

Shrinking rural America faces state power struggle

As states turn to drawing new state legislative and congressional districts after census numbers come out Aug. 12, they’re likely to find that rural, generally conservative areas have shrunk in the past 10 years and stand to lose power in statehouses and Congress.... Read more»

Mapping tool lets people show communities of interest to Arizona IRC

The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission has created a tool - available on its website - that allows people to map out their communities of interest, part of a survey to provide public input on what people would like to see from the redistricting process. ... Read more»

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