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SOPA, PIPA losing steam

The Wednesday blackout protests by SOPA and PIPA protesters have been the latest pressure against lawmakers to stop the anti-web piracy bills – and it seems to be working. Sens. Marco Rubio and John Cornyn are changing course in the debate.... Read more»1

66 journalists killed worldwide in 2011

This year 66 journalists have been killed worldwide, according to the French-based advocacy organization, Reporters Without Borders.... Read more»

Updated: Brewer claims Facebook censored her post on immigration

Gov. Jan Brewer claims the social networking site Facebook removed an editorial cartoon and statement on President Obama's immigration policies she posted Thursday.... Read more»3

South Africa: Press freedom under threat

In the old South Africa, journalists were censored, arrested and sometimes forced into exile when they tried to cover the anti-apartheid movement. Now media watchdogs are sounding an alarm about a possible return to repression.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Dave Weigel story: Free speech is dead, part II

Smart v. Stupid: When one of the nation’s most venerable newspapers gets it so wrong on free speech, one worries who might be left to speak up for personal liberty.... Read more»

Bob Dylan still too outspoken for China

London's Daily Mail reported yesterday that Bob Dylan's planned tour of Southeast Asia has been scrapped because Chinese authorities canceled planned concerts in Beijing and Shanghai.... Read more»

Book festival

Cuba: Home to one of the world's biggest book parties

Each February, Cuba’s International Book Fair transforms the old Spanish fortifications that overlook the Havana harbor into one of the biggest book parties in the world. The fair is Cuba’s largest cultural event, and as such, it brings out the best and worst elements of a one-party socialist system that celebrates reading but practices careful censorship.... Read more»

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