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Familias de pioneros mexicanos logran salvar acceso al panteón histórico en Vail

Las families del Cementerio Bravo Leon logran salvar acceso a su panteón histórico en Vail después que la Junta de Supervisores del Condado Pima votó para pavimentar la pista solitaria a donde enterraron a sus seres queridos y parientes. ... Read more»

Families of Mexican pioneers hail move to protect access to historic Vail cemetery

The last access road to Bravo Leon Cemetery in Vail, the burial place of Mexican pioneers and generations of their descendants, will remain open to the public and be improved, after Pima County supervisors voted to maintain it.... Read more»1

Federal investigation aims to uncover painful history of Native American boarding schools

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland ordered a federal Indian Boarding School Initiative to recover the histories of the institutions, saying she wants the investigation to identify the children who attended and their tribal affiliations, along with a particular emphasis on finding records of cemeteries or burial sites connected with the schools.... Read more»