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Tohono O’odham vow to fight vote to block casino

Tohono O’odham leaders vowed to continue their fight for a Glendale-area casino after the House overwhelmingly approved a bill blocking their plans Tuesday.... Read more»

House debates bill to block casino in Glendale

The House is scheduled to vote Tuesday on a bill to block a proposed Tohono O’odham casino in Glendale, after an emotional debate Monday in which each side accused the other of setting a dangerous precedent.... Read more»

Az tribes, lawmakers spar over proposed Glendale casino

Supporters and opponents of a proposed casino in Glendale accused each other of subverting the system Tuesday as they clashed on a bill that would prevent the Tohono O’odham Nation from building the project.... Read more»1

Saints & sinners: Newt Gingrich's balancing act

Newt Gingrich is straddling a fine line: Even as he courts evangelicals wary of his two divorces, a Gingrich political committee has taken millions from a casino titan whose industry is often anathema to the Christian right.... Read more»

Tohono O’odham gamble on Glendale casino

Cash is something members of the Tohono O’odham tribe had hoped would regularly flow their way after the tribe’s venture into Indian gaming, but that hasn’t been the case. Payments have been sporadic and rather small, according to some tribal members.... Read more»

Judge rejects Pearce’s attempt to join lawsuit against Glendale casino

Hours after a group of state lawmakers vowed to join a lawsuit aimed at blocking a Tohono O'odham casino in the West Valley, a federal judge Thursday rejected one state senator's attempt to do so.... Read more»

Comic: Seventeen Words For Snow

There're two sides to every sign

Driving west on Valencia Road toward the casinos, I'm always amused by the many billboards announcing how much farther away they are. Each billboard seems so overtly promissory that all visitors will win and win big. This, of course, has often left me wondering: what do the other sides of the billboards advertise, for the gamblers who are returning to reality from their fleecings? I always forget to look.... Read more»