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As Title 42 winds down, DHS unveils 'plan' to manage migrant influx at U.S.-Mexico border

While Title 42 remains in place, Homeland Security officials are preparing for its eventual end, describing how U.S. border authorities will deal with a potential increase in the number of people crossing the Mexican border once the Trump-era restriction is lifted.... Read more»

Pima County spending $1.3 million per month to shelter migrants released by DHS

Over the last few months, Pima County spent around $1.3 million per month to shelter migrants released by Homeland Security officials, and the county faces a funding crunch as federal grants that helped cover theses expenses are held up in Congress.... Read more»

Asylum-seekers offered COVID shots, but Pima County won't mandate vax

Pima County officials said they lacked the authority to mandate vaccinations for asylum seekers, after a contentious part of Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting. But data shows that the rate of COVID cases among people seeking asylum here is relatively low.... Read more»

Pima County reviews $2 million tab to house asylum-seekers with COVID

The Pima County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday will vote on a $2 million contract to house asylum-seekers with COVID-19 at a Tucson hotel. ... Read more»

As Tucson BP agents see large migrant groups in July, Pima County prepares for more

Border Patrol agents encountered more than 660 people traveling in large groups in the desert southwest of Tucson in July, while the migrant shelter supported by Pima County is preparing to serve a dramatic increase in people in the coming weeks.... Read more»

Pima County faces 'arms race' against COVID-19, Ducey rejects FEMA vaccine site

Pima County officials said that they are in an "arms race" against new variants of COVID-19, and that an opportunity to take the county's "aggressive" vaccine plan and "put it on steroids" has been hampered by Gov. Ducey's refusal to allow federal officials to set up a new vaccine site that could serve more than 200,000 people. ... Read more»

BP released COVID-positive asylum-seeking grandmother now hospitalized in Tucson

The unidentified woman was picked up with her daughter and granddaughter by Border Patrol agents in the Arizona desert, then turned over to Catholic Social Services, who discovered her illness during a medical exam at a Tucson shelter.... Read more»

Rapid migrant expulsions strain Mexican border community

This year Border Patrol agents have used a CDC public health order to rapidly expel thousands of migrants into Mexican border towns such as Sasabe, Sonora, which has little resources and infrastructure for migrants.... Read more»

FEMA pays Pima County, Tucson, nonprofits for 2019 migrant care

FEMA has sent almost $730,000 in payments to the city of Tucson, Pima County, the Salvation Army in Yuma, St. Vincent de Paul Society in Phoenix and other nonprofits and faith groups in the Phoenix and Tucson areas... Read more»

Guest opinion

Christy: Huckelberry's magic wand on asylum-seeker costs

Pima County Sup. Steve Christy: "More than $500,000 of Pima County residents' property tax dollars have spent on asylum-seeker processing. Pima County should not be in that business."... Read more»1

Trump admin's 'Migrant Protection Policy' a study in irony at Az border

The Trump administration’s “remain in Mexico” policy for asylum-seekers has sparked a human-rights crisis that already has killed several people, and it’s getting worse, according to volunteers working in Mexican border towns and a recent report from a federal watchdog.... Read more»

Tucson’s Benedictine Monastery is more than just a shelter for migrant families

The spacious sanctuary of the Benedictine Monastery in Tucson now holds more than pews: dozens of army green American Red Cross cots in clusters, strewn with stuffed animals, pop-up cribs and tattered children’s books in Spanish.... Read more»

Tucson motel shelters Central American migrants after release by ICE

While cold rain fell Thursday night, around 130 people from Central America took shelter at a Tucson motel after federal immigration officials asked local community groups to take them in, rather than have them released on the street. ... Read more»