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Car-crazy Phoenix tops all U.S. metros for consumer spending on transportation

Valley drivers love their cars, and more than anywhere else in the country, they put their money where their hearts are; in fact, it costs more to get around in Phoenix – a city that was designed for cars – than in any other U.S. metro, statistics show. ... Read more»

Overlanding community seeks path to a more sustainable future

With climate change and the dependency overlanding - a form of off-grid adventure seeking - has on the Earth, community members have been advocating for natural conservation and cultural respect, as well as cleaner alternatives in the automotive industry.... Read more»

Fresh air in Phoenix: ADEQ collecting data on CV-19 impact on emissions

The Phoenix area is famous for its warm spring days and wealth of outdoor activities, but it’s also known for something less flattering: some of the worst air quality in the country. ... Read more»

Tucson MVDs open earlier to reduce long waits

The Arizona Department of Transportation has started to open its three Tucson Motor Vehicle Division offices half an hour early in an effort to reduce long wait times. ... Read more»

Lawmaker: Arizona needs a law to be ready for driverless cars

Imagine a day when cars zip smoothly along while drivers, their hands nowhere near the wheel, blithely peruse their tablets and smartphones. It may sound like science fiction, but it’s a day one Arizona lawmaker says is fast-approaching.... Read more»

Comic: Politics (and budgets)

A man, a plan, an SUV, the Oval Office

Coming into the final days before the election, Mitt Romney has tightened the race up, but is still looking for that silver bullet that will give him the win.... Read more»

Comic: Politics

Cars and Drivers

Want to bet Mitt Romney won't succeed in portraying himself as a 'regular guy' before this election campaign is finished? Want to bet ... $10,000?... Read more»

How the stimulus revived the electric car

One success the Obama administration can claim is the rebirth of the electric car industry in the United States. The question: Will it last?... Read more»

Toyota recalls 550,000 cars worldwide

Toyota issued a recall Wednesday for some of its most popular vehicles for a possible power steering issue The recall applies to 550,000 cars worldwide, with 420,000 of those models in the United States.... Read more»1

Comic: Safety

Johnny Danger

Crash test dummies do one of the world's most dangerous, but necessary jobs, yet few pause to think about, and appreciate the work they do.... Read more»

Saudi woman arrested for driving

A Saudi woman was arrested—again—for driving her car, an act banned in the ultraconservative kingdom. Activists claim the authorities cracked down on Manal al-Sherif out of fear that her online campaign to encourage women to drive might gather steam.... Read more»

Road blocks for EU plan to ban cars in city centers

Gasoline-powered cars would be banned from European city centers starting in 2050, under a plan to cut CO2 emissions unveiled by the European Union. But Britain on Tuesday rejected the proposal, saying the EU should not be involved in the transport choices of individual cities.... Read more»

Cyclovia to close downtown streets Sunday

A 35-year-old Colombian tradition is again hitting the streets of Tucson. Downtown roads will be clear of cars for Cyclovia on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The free event welcomes citizens to ride bicycles, skateboard, run, walk and rollerblade on car-free streets to celebrate community, encourage physical activity and promote safety.... Read more»

Comic: Dogsbody

Toyota's white guy

When Congress called Toyota sales guy Jim Lentz in to testify about the car makers problem, one thing came across loud and clear: Tokyo (er, Nagoya) drives... Read more»

Comic: Recall

Toyota CEO expresses (some) regret

Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda apologizes (a little bit) for his company's product quality problems... Read more»