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Pima prosecutor probes fatal shooting of man in wheelchair by Tucson cop

Pima County prosecutors will begin reviewing the fatal shooting of a man in a motorized wheelchair by a Tucson police officer two weeks ago, County Attorney Laura Conover said Friday. The officer faces potential criminal charges and is being fired by TPD.... Read more»2

LaWall won't charge TPD officers in April death of Carlos Ingram-Lopez

Three former Tucson cops won't face criminal charges in the April death of Carlos Ingram-Lopez, who died while being held down as he begged for water and told them he couldn't breathe.... Read more»

Outside autopsy finds Ingram-Lopez died of 'suffocation' while detained by Tucson police

An autopsy done on the behalf of the family of Carlos Ingram-Lopez said he died from "suffocation" when he was pinned down by three Tucson police officers during an incident in April, challenging the conclusions of the government investigation. ... Read more»

Tucson police release info on death of hobbled man on meth, months after fatal incident

Tucson police finally released information on the death of a man in custody in March, weeks after Tucson Sentinel asked for an accounting of all such deaths, and more than a week after the City Council mandated "immediate" public notifications.... Read more»1

A poem of witness

El Tiradito: In memory of Carlos Adrian Ingram-Lopez

A poem of witness in memory of Carlos Adrian Ingram-Lopez.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Kozachik: Open the pod bay doors: TPD needs transparency over man's death

Until now, our focus has legitimately been on the tragic loss and the events that took place the night when Carlos Ingram-Lopez died. But there are lingering issues that need to be openly looked at. ... Read more»1

Guest opinion

Cunningham: Questions need to be answered about death of Ingram-Lopez

Councilman Paul Cunningham: In the wake of learning of the death of Carlos Ingram-Lopez, questions about training, equipment and procedures need to be answered. There are calls we don't necessarily need to send a police officer to.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Tucson pastors: 'We condemn officers' callous disregard' for life of Carlos Ingram-Lopez

A group of Tucson pastors respond to a death in Tucson police custody: "We condemn the callous disregard for human life displayed by the officers involved. We are also deeply disturbed that this incident was kept from elected officials and the public for two months."... Read more»

Ingram-Lopez family wants Magnus to stay, city manager rejects TPD chief's resignation

Police Chief Chris Magnus should not resign, said the family of Carlos Ingram-Lopez, who died while being restrained by police in April. Tucson's city manager turned down the offer, made as controversy swirls after the revelation of the death.... Read more»2

Photos: More than 100 protest over in-custody death of Carlos Ingram-Lopez

Hours after Tucson Police released footage showing the April 21 death of Carlos Ingram-Lopez, about 100 people gathered in Downtown Tucson on Wednesday night to protest the 27-year-old's death, and demand city leaders "defund" the department. ... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Magnus: We screwed up but did it exactly right

Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus's press conference and his department's reversion to victim-blaming and stonewalling show that even reformers can be mired in Dirty Harry culture.... Read more»1

Details revealed about Ingram-Lopez death in police custody; TPD chief offers to resign

Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus offered his resignation Wednesday at a news conference in which details were finally released about the April death of 27-year-old Carlos Adrian Ingram-Lopez while being restrained by police.... Read more»

27-year-old man who died during April TPD call is identified

While officials have not publicly identified the man who died during an April emergency response by Tucson police, sources indicated he was 27-year-old Carlos Adrian Ingram Lopez.... Read more»

Man died during April TPD call; Cops pushed out, face possible criminal charges

With three Tucson police officers facing possible criminal charges after an investigation into an April emergency call that resulted in a man's death, a City Council meeting in which the police union contract was to be renewed was called off.... Read more»