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Wildfire pollution could be killing more than the fires

Wildfires the world over have exacted a devastating toll, destroying lives with increased frequency as warming temperatures and questionable forest management practices have made fires larger, more intense and more frequent. ... Read more»

Climate change fueling more intense megadroughts in U.S. West

Climate change is pushing the western United States and northern Mexico toward an extreme long-term drought that could be worse than any in recorded history, scientists revealed in a new study published in the journal Science Thursday. ... Read more»1


UA scientists: CO2 spike 50 million years ago a 'scary finding' for Earth's future climate

University of Arizona researchers helped create a state-of-the-art computer model that shows how a spike in carbon dioxide over 50 million years ago may have caused global temperatures to skyrocket — a "scary finding" that has major implications for Earth's future climate.... Read more»

#CoveringClimateNow analysis

It's time to panic about climate change and there is no Plan B

A brief summary of the challenge and solutions involvedclimate change, decarbonization, geohacking, termination shock and 12-year warnings with a twist of Stonehenge. ... Read more»