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How an accused Guatemalan war criminal won U.S. citizenship

In May 1985, a Guatemalan Army lieutenant named Jorge Vinicio Sosa Orantes deserted, flew to San Francisco and requested political asylum, asserting that leftist guerrillas in his war-torn homeland were gunning for him.... Read more»

Canadians snapping up Az luxury homes

A favorable exchange rate, the state's real estate woes and a strong economy north of the border are combining to make Canadians prime buyers for luxury homes in Arizona. One Scottsdale real estate agent says almost all of his business these days is with Canadians. ... Read more»

Report: Drones not used effectively on U.S. borders

A new internal audit from the Department of Homeland Security has raised concerns about the utility of those drones, focusing on their high costs and how they have been managed.... Read more»


Cuba policy costs Obama at Summit of the Americas

Forget the horny Secret Service agents and their Colombian hookers. It was U.S. diplomacy that really got screwed at this weekend's Summit of the Americas in Cartagena.... Read more»

Obama talks energy, trade with Canada, Mexico

President Obama, Mexican President Felipe Calderón and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper wrapped up the "three amigos" North America summit Monday where energy and trade topped the agenda.... Read more»


More Keystone Pipeline piffle

The misleading assault on the president's energy policies continues. Regarding the pipeline, there's nothing stopping more Canadian oil from coming into the U.S. right now. Existing cross-border pipelines could carry perhaps 1 million additional barrels of oil per day.... Read more»

Az man, America's Most Wanted, nabbed in Montreal

Steven Dyer, a regular on America’s Most Wanted, is back in police custody after a decade running from a dozen sexual abuse charges in Arizona.... Read more»

American trees take over Mexico's Christmas

U.S. and Canadian Christmas trees have flooded into Mexico in recent years, along with increased North American trade in everything from avocados to artisan liquor.... Read more»1

U.S., Canada unveil border security deals

President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper have unveiled new border security deals aimed at guarding against terrorism and speeding up cross-border traffic... Read more»

Mexican news

Roundup: A look south of the border

A roundup of news coverage from the Mexican side of the border: Gringos causing trouble, holiday observances, Mexicans in Canada, and Anonymous vs. Los Zetas.... Read more»3

Amnesty Int'l wants Canada to arrest George W. Bush

Amnesty International says the Canadian government must arrest former U.S. president George W. Bush when he visits the country on Oct. 20. The human rights group says Canada is obliged to arrest Bush and investigate him for war crimes and authorizing torture.... Read more»

Americans flee north of the border for jobs

The jittery state of the U.S. economy is driving an increasing number of its citizens to seek better prospects north of the border.... Read more»2

The real origins of Obama's Canadian-American tour bus

Here's the story on the bus. It was one of two custom buses ordered by the Secret Service in July 2010 from Hemphill Brothers Coach Company in Whites Creek, Tenn., at a total cost of nearly $2.2 million, according to Secret Service spokesman George Ogilvie and purchasing documents.... Read more»

Canada resists adding deadly asbestos to toxics blacklist

Canada reinforced its reputation as a public health outcast this week by declining to support the inclusion of asbestos on a toxics blacklist.... Read more»

Canada weighs legalizing prostitution

Ruling being appealed said prostitution restrictions endanger sex workers by forcing them to work on the street and banning them from hiring drivers or bodyguards, violating their right to personal security as guaranteed by the constitution.... Read more»

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