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NAFTA an empty basket for southern Mexico farmers

When the North American Free Trade Agreement took effect in 1994, removing all trade barriers between the U.S., Mexico and Canada, small farms in Mexico were forced into direct competition with big American agribusiness and the cheap corn produced in the U.S. ... Read more»

China, Russia outrank U.S. when it comes to corporate transparency

New report ranks each country on the quality of access to information on companies. ... Read more»


Canadian health care system represents a better way

Under a single-payer system, Canadians are paying more for coverage these days because of medical inflation and an aging population — but not nearly as much more as we in the U.S. are paying.... Read more»

American-style health care system pushed in Canada

Canadian prime minister pushing free market principles for single-payer system. ... Read more»

The 8 most surprising nations that still require birth control Rx

You can get the pill over the counter in Pakistan, but not in Canada or the US.... Read more»

Calamity Calling: An investigation into global climate change

Forget the debate over climate change. Calamity is already upon us. A yearlong GlobalPost investigation assesses the damage from the Amazon, to Africa, to the Gobi, Greenland and beyond.... Read more»

Video: Keystone XL pipeline

Sifting through some claims and counterclaims about the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.... Read more»

Pipeline primer

After more than five years of claims and counter-claims about the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, President Obama is expected to make his final decision soon. So we thought it was a good time to sift through the disinformation and lay out some basic facts.... Read more»

Stanton: Increasing exports key to boosting Phx economy

Mayor Greg Stanton says Phoenix must become more innovative and increase its exports. In his State of the City Address, Stanton said Phoenix will double exports to Mexico in the next five years. ... Read more»

Obama lunches in Mexico, business is served

NAFTA refreshments and the Trans-Pacific Partnership are on the menu when Obama meets Canada's Stephen Harper and Mexico's Enrique Pena Nieto, while immigration and gang wars simmer.... Read more»

Denmark vs. Canada

Soccer: Danes roll over Canada

An inexperienced Canadian side fell victim to a veteran Danish team on Saturday at Kino Stadium. The Danes won the friendly match by an emphatic 4-0, led by a young forward who scored a hat trick.... Read more»

Rain won't stop Canada vs. Denmark soccer

Saturday's match between Canada and Denmark will proceed as planned, organizers at FC Tucson said. The teams will hit the field for a friendly contest at 1 p.m. at Kino Stadium.... Read more»

After 20 years, NAFTA draws praise and controversy

Two decades after a pact created the world’s largest free trade area, economists are calling NAFTA a resounding success, crediting it for fueling unprecedented trade and creating millions of jobs in the United States. But opponents say the trade pact has resulted in a loss of manufacturing and shipping jobs in the U.S. and in less oversight of production.... Read more»

Global carbon emissions hit record levels in 2011

The world is producing too much carbon dioxide to limit global warming to a few degrees, reports the AP.... Read more»

International soccer

Canada and Denmark to meet in Tucson for friendly soccer match

FC Tucson announced Monday that the team will host an international friendly between Canada and Denmark at Kino Veterans Memorial Stadium on Jan. 26 ... Read more»

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