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World War I still etched into European psyche

Later this week, the world will mark 100 years since the assassination of an Austrian prince in the Bosnian city of Sarajevo dragged the great powers of the time into a conflict they called "the war to end all wars." ... Read more»


To discourage immigrants, Brits try to create image of UK as undesirable

Staring down a flood of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants when restrictions expire at the end of the year, British ministers recently proposed a unique idea: an ad campaign to make the UK look like a terrible place to live.... Read more»

Eastern Europe's private armies

Separating "protection" from "corruption" in European private security companies, which have flourished in southeastern Europe, filling a void left by the dismantling of communist institutions. But weak oversight has meant that they are as often linked with crime as with its prevention. ... Read more»


A sports rivalry bigger than Red Sox vs. Yankees?

Red Sox and Yankees fans have nothing on the supporters of CSKA and Levski, Bulgaria's most popular soccer teams. For while Bostonians and New Yorkers lay claim to the longest-running rivalry in American pro sports, CSKA and Levski fans enjoy what they call "the everlasting derby," a bitter struggle that mixes politics and history.... Read more»