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Buffelgrass: Scourge of the Sonoran Desert is here to stay

Buffelgrass was introduced on a large scale to the Tucson area for erosion control in the 1970s. It has become a scourge since then, eating up acres of fragile desert and displacing saguaros and other native cacti, shrubs and trees.... Read more»

Saguaro National Park to use seasonal herbicide against fire-prone buffelgrass

Starting next Tuesday, Saguaro National Park will begin spraying herbicide to limit the spread of invasive buffelgrass. No park closures are expected due to the seasonal work against the fire-prone plant.... Read more»2

Tucson, towns to hold large Fourth of July firework celebrations

Tucson and some surrounding areas will be holding fireworks celebrations for the Fourth of July weekend, despite the high fire danger and blazes from fireworks on A Mountain in previous years.... Read more»

Scientists tracking invasive buffelgrass with drones

Researchers using drones to track the spread of buffelgrass, an invasive species originally from Africa that poses a threat to desert wildlife. “It spreads fast, it’s a fire hazard, it steals the water that the native plants need and it can create a monoculture, capable of really changing our Sonoran Desert ecosystem,” said Sandy Bahr of the Sierra Club.... Read more»

Invasive buffelgrass no longer just Southern Arizona’s problem

Buffelgrass has colonized landscapes across Southern Arizona over the decades, increasing wildfire intensity and threatening native vegetation. Now officials point with worry at stands of buffelgrass taking root in and near Phoenix.... Read more»1

Saguaro National Park seeks volunteers to root out buffelgrass

Saguaro National Park and the Southern Arizona Buffelgrass Center are recruiting help to remove invasive buffelgrass. Volunteer sites will be set up across Southern Arizona on Saturday, as volunteer root out the plant from 8 a.m. to noon on Beat Back Buffelgrass Day.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Tucson's growing buffelgrass problem

Tuesday on Buckmaster - state Rep. Matt Heinz, a Democratic candidate for Congress in CD2. Plus, certified financial planner Shelly Fishman with the Tuesday Money Maker Report and Joan Lionetti of Tucson Clean and Beautiful on the spreading buffelgrass problem. ... Read more»

Az officials battle invasive buffelgrass

Limited in resources and funding, Arizona officials to try to stop one of the state's oldest and largest environmental threats: buffelgrass. ... Read more»

Volunteers to try to beat back pesky buffelgrass

Hundreds of volunteers are expected to gather at Saguaro National Park and sites around Tucson for the Fifth Annual Buffelgrass Beatback on Saturday.... Read more»

Arizona without saguaros? As climate warms, desert's future uncertain

Arizona in the year 2100: Drought, plant invaders pose threats; From pines to prairie? Forests susceptible to fire, beetles; Rising temperatures threaten cities' air quality along with water supplies... Read more»