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Rapid growth in Arizona’s suburbs bets against uncertain water supply

Hundreds of thousands of people have moved to the Phoenix area in recent years looking for affordable homes and sunshine, and home sales have increased by nearly 12 percent in 2020 due to the pandemic, but there's just one problem: The region doesn’t appear to have enough water for all the growth.... Read more»

Buckeye bumped from top spot; Valley cities still post big population gains

The Census numbers showed Buckeye, bumped from the top spot for population growth rate in 2019, is still the second-fastest growing city in the nation for the decade. Phoenix maintained its perch as the city with the largest number of new residents in 2019, keeping it in fifth place for overall population behind New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston.... Read more»

Dairy farmers forced to adjust their practices during COVID-19 pandemic

Shocking videos of dairy farmers dumping thousands of gallons of milk have been circulating on the internet, as the coronavirus outbreak has forced dairy farmers across the country to dump their excess milk supply to offset their losses and keep prices stable.... Read more»

Man vs. mussel: Buckeye mayor testifies on threat from invasive species

Buckeye Mayor Jackie A. Meck said drinking water is scarce enough for cities in the West – they don’t need to be competing with invasive species for it, too. ... Read more»

Why Palo Verde, nation’s largest nuclear plant, is cutting wastewater use

There’s something in the Buckeye groundwater – a high mineral and salt content – that makes it hard to use, but the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station wants to tap into that source to reduce the amount of more valuable wastewater it now uses to cool the plant’s three reactors. ... Read more»

Buckeye had nation’s fastest growth, Phoenix added most people in 2018

Buckeye posted the fastest growth rate among cities in the nation last year, while Phoenix held the top spot for the size of its overall growth, according to new numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau.... Read more»

Appeals court: Family of prisoner who ODed after beating can sue state

A federal appeals court reversed a lower court’s decision to throw out a suit against the state for its failure to protect a prison inmate who was brutally beaten by fellow prisoners. The court said there were enough questions about Philip Cortez's case to require a trial. ... Read more»

High court denies Arizona appeal in death row case

The Supreme Court let stand a lower court’s ruling that Arizona death-row inmate Richard Dean Hurles should get a new hearing in the 1992 stabbing death of a Buckeye librarian. The court considered Hurles' case for more than a year before deciding against hearing it. ... Read more»

Supreme Court delays decision on Az death-row case — again

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to say whether or not it will hear an appeal of an Arizona murder case – taking a pass on the case as it had the previous 12 times the justices “conferenced” on cases.... Read more»

Housing, schools made Buckeye one nation’s fastest-growing towns

Officials in the Phoenix suburb of Buckeye said they were not particularly surprised when recent Census estimates showed their town was the ninth-fastest-growing city in the country in 2012.... Read more»

Change to Buckeye solar project looking like ‘win–win’

A proposed solar energy project in the West Valley needed a city’s worth of water from a nearby reservoir and a backup natural gas system to operate. A year later, it didn’t. Shifts in solar technology have driven down costs far enough that Sonoran Solar will drop its proposed steam-powered turbine and go with an all-electronic photovoltaic system that uses 95 percent less water.... Read more»

Palo Verde nuke plant opens new emergency center

In the event of an emergency at Arizona's Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, plant officials and government leaders will now have access to a $13.5 million center that will help them respond and share information with the public.... Read more»

BLM highlights three Az sites as optimal for solar projects

A draft plan on the solar potential of federal land identifies three Arizona sites encompassing nearly 14,000 acres as highly suitable for energy development.... Read more»