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Military leaders use 'honest conversations' to combat service member suicides

In the 20 years since 9/11, more military personnel and veterans have died from suicide than in combat - now, virtual reality modules train service members with the goal of ensuring that someone considering taking their own life gets the help they need.... Read more»

Ley Brandon se reducirá el estigma para militares que buscan ayuda de salud mental

La Ley Brandon amplía los servicios de salud mental a los miembros de las fuerzas armadas, ya que las tasas de suicidio han ido en aumento entre los miembros de las fuerzas armadas y los veteranos por igual.... Read more»

'Only the beginning': Brandon Act meant to reduce barriers, stigma for military members seeking mental health help

The Brandon Act - now part of the new National Defense Authorization Act - expands mental health services to members of the military as suicide rates have been increasing among members of the military and veterans alike.... Read more»

Peoria parents hope military mental health act spares others their pain

The Brandon Act, named in memory of Brandon Caserta, a Navy veteran who died by suicide, would provide service members confidential access to mental health care without fear of rebuke or retaliation.... Read more»