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Heads-up on concussions: Arizona Cardinals’ receiver Christian Kirk praises Barrow’s Brainbook

Arizona Cardinals’ wide receiver Christian Kirk talked about the Barrow Brainbook, an educational module introduced 10 years ago to teach students how to prevent concussions, in large part because of a better understanding of the byproduct of concussions and head trauma.... Read more»

Feds want to run flimsy motorcycle helmets off the road

After years of inaction, federal regulators are trying to crack down on the use of cheap novelty helmets linked to thousands of motorcycle crash deaths and injuries in recent years.... Read more»

The best reporting on mental trauma and the U.S. military

The wars may be winding down, but the battle against PTSD is far from over. We’ve compiled some of the best journalism on the mental traumas faced by a generation of service men and women, and the U.S. military’s struggle to treat them.... Read more»

Despite deaths, motorcycle groups strive to stop helmet laws

In a highly touted safety achievement, deaths on the nation's roads and highways have fallen sharply in recent years, to the lowest total in more than a half-century. But motorcyclists have missed out on that dramatic improvement, and the news for them has been increasingly grim.... Read more»2

More than half Iraq, Afghanistan vets treated for psychological problems

More than half of all Iraq and Afghanistan veterans treated in VA hospitals since 2002 have been diagnosed, at least preliminarily, with mental health problems.... Read more»